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America's Amusement Park Industry: Safe, Responsible, And Regulated



(September 8, 2011) – Chip Cleary, president and CEO of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), released the following statement regarding the National Amusement Park Ride Safety Act of 2011 (H.R. 2861) re-introduced today by Congressman Edward Markey (D-Mass.):

Fundamental safety measures have been in place in the industry for decades. In addition to a thorough set of internal mechanical, electrical, design, and operational safety checks and standards, U.S. fixed-site amusement rides are subject to one or more layers of independent examination, including state and local government, insurance companies, and private safety firms.

2009 data supports the outstanding safety record for the industry.While incidents can attract a lot of media attention, their occurrence is very rare, given the millions of guests who enjoy amusement parks throughout the country each year. In 2009, U.S. amusement parks and attractions entertained approximately 280 million guests who safely enjoyed more than 1.7 billion rides. Based on data summarized by the National Safety Council in the Fixed-Site Amusement Ride Injury Survey, 2009 Update, less than one injury occurred out of every 1 million rides taken in the United States. The chance of being seriously injured on a ride in a fixed-site amusement park in the U.S. is one in 9 million.

There is no evidence federal oversight would improve on the already excellent safety record of the industry, and it could cost taxpayers millions to try. Even a panel of leading doctors, biodynamic consultants, medical experts, and ride safety specialists, who convened at Congressman Markey’s request to study the safety record of the industry, concluded it is unlikely that a federal agency could match the effectiveness of the current system.

When the public prepares to enjoy amusement park rides, they should know their safety is our industry’s No. 1 priority.

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Editor’s Note:Ride Safety Tips for Park Visitors are available at,www.iaapa.org/pressroom/Amusement_Ride_Safety_Tips.asp.


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