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Advocacy - February 2017

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa Hosts Meeting on Technology

In November, the 2nd IAAPA EMEA Digital Summit took place in Brussels. The event drew European Union officials and 60 marketing, IT, and operations professionals from 11 countries to discuss the industry’s relationship with evolving technology. Topics included the impact of digital progress on immersive technology and the guest experience. Attendees also discussed the opportunities available from the Internet of things and digital content’s power to engage guests long after the visit is over. Data protection across borders in Europe was also a hot topic—with discussion of who owns personal data when each country regulates privacy differently.

“The Digital Summit was a good example of how the attractions industry is really made up of all different types. We’re innovators, we’re entrepreneurs, and we’re developers of new products and services that can cross industries with the primary focus of creating a better experience for guests anywhere,” says Karen Staley, IAAPA senior vice president of Europe, Middle East, and Africa operations.

For more information on the next IAAPA EMEA Digital Summit, visit www.IAAPA.org/connect/EMEA.