What is IAAPA News Flash?
IAAPA News Flash is a free, members-only e-mail containing news stories about the attractions industry that are intended to be informative and educational to IAAPA members. It is comprised of up to 27 articles sourced from traditional news outlets posted on the internet including newspapers, magazines, and television reports.

Who receives IAAPA News Flash?
IAAPA News Flash is an exclusive publication for IAAPA members. Full-time IAAPA member staff may subscribe to IAAPA News Flash. 

How do I subscribe IAAPA News Flash?
E-mail NewsFlash@IAAPA.org with the subject line IAAPA News Flash subscription request. Please include your name, title, company name, e-mail address, and company member ID number.

How often is IAAPA News Flash published?
IAAPA News Flash is distributed daily March through IAAPA Attractions Expo each November. After Expo through February, IAAPA News Flash is distributed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. IAAPA News Flash does not publish on certain holidays and notice is provided in the issue prior.

How many stories are included in each issue?
IAAPA News Flash is comprised of up to 27 news articles. The information is divided into IAAPA member sections and feature up to 12 story summaries and 15 editorialized headline links. 

What type of stories are included in IAAPA News Flash?
Stories included in IAAPA News Flash are news reports involving industry facilities and suppliers. Stories may include new park and attraction openings, new product announcements, industry trend features, or news about the global attractions, travel, and tourism industry. On occasion, IAAPA News Flash may include a human interest piece or feature about an industry professional or individual company.

How are the stories selected?
Our partners at SmartBrief review hundreds of news stories daily from publications around the world. Our team looks for stories that are informative and educational to attraction industry operators and suppliers.  

How timely are the stories in IAAPA News Flash?
IAAPA News Flash runs stories within one week of when they publish.

Can News Flash be translated?
IAAPA News Flash is available to read in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, by clicking on the flags icon at the top of the issue.

Can stories be submitted?
IAAPA members may submit story links by e-mailing NewsFlash@IAAPA.org. Given the high volume of industry news and the criteria we follow, we do not guarantee the story will be included in IAAPA News Flash.

Can press releases be submitted?
Press releases do not run in IAAPA News Flash.

Are there any exceptions to this?
IAAPA manufacturer and supplier members can submit press releases announcing a new product or service for inclusion in IAAPA News Flash. More specific information regarding criteria and the submission process is available here.

What happened to M&S Notes and M&S News?
The information formerly located under Manufacturer and Supplier (M&S) Notes and M&S News, runs Tuesdays and Thursdays under Association News.

Can I advertise in IAAPA News Flash?
IAAPA News Flash is a great way to broaden the reach of your marketing efforts. Learn more about various advertising opportunities at www.IAAPA.org/advertise, and contact Brian Skepton at BSkepton@IAAPA.org for rates.  

I am not receiving IAAPA News Flash
If you are not receiving IAAPA News Flash, be sure to add smartbrief.com, send.smartbrief.com, and dailylead.com to your address book to ensure it does not get caught in your spam filter. If that does not work please e-mail IAAPA@smartbrief.com for assistance.

All other questions related to IAAPA News Flash should be directed to NewsFlash@IAAPA.org