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Asian Attractions Expo 2016 Education Conference to Feature Presentations by International Experts

11 Sessions Focus on What’s New, Revenue Generation, Safety, Facility Excellence, and More

(Alexandria, Virginia, US) — Respected industry experts from around the globe will present information and lead thought-provoking discussions about the latest trends and best practices in the attractions industry as part of the education conference at Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) 2016. The conference offers participants 11 seminars on a variety of topics making it the most comprehensive AAE education program to date. AAE 2016, which takes place 13–16 June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China, is owned and produced by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). 

The AAE 2016 education conference spans three days and provides real-world examples to improve operations and drive business in intellectual property use, cultural sensitivity and regional awareness, safety, revenue generation, facility excellence, human resources, and more.

Expert speakers include:

  • Doug Akers, ICAE, Director, Operations, International Operations, Universal Parks and Resorts.       
  • Sarah Bruno, Partner in Advertising, IP, and Cyber Security Groups, Arent Fox Law Firm
  • Jonathan Casson, Director of Business Development, 20th Century Fox – LBE
  • Randy Ewing, Vice President of Design, Thinkwell
  • Dio Ho, Director of Design, Whitewater West
  • Brad Loxley, Senior Amusement Park Manager, Luna Park Australia
  • Matthias Li, ICAE, Deputy Chief Executive, Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Jim Pattison, Jr., ICAE, President, Ripley Entertainment, Inc.
  • Anthony Van Dam, Executive Vice President, Forrec
  • Phil Zhong , Head of Operations, Shanghai Whitewater

In addition, attendees can participate in the IAAPA Safety Institute and the IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers.

The IAAPA Safety Institute takes place on 13 June and provides an opportunity for attractions operators and owners to learn about the latest developments and best practices in ride safety standards, loss prevention, risk management, ride design, and safety compliance. The IAAPA Safety Institute at AAE 2016 will also examine best practices in water park operations and water park safety.

The IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers is a two-and-a-half-day program, 11-13 June, that blends classroom instruction and case studies with field work in five core areas: finance, marketing, leadership, facility operations and safety, and revenue operations. The institute is designed for industry professionals with less than five years of management experience who are interested in advancing their career.

All of the education sessions available at AAE 2016 are eligible for credit toward IAAPA Certification, the new official mark of professional achievement in the global attractions industry. More information on how IAAPA Certification can provide a valuable boost to an attractions industry professional’s career is available at

“As the industry continues to grow in the Asia-Pacific region so grows the Asian Attractions Expo education conference. It is essential for industry professionals to stay at the top of their game and AAE 2016 offers the most up-to-date knowledge on all of the key operational areas within the attractions industry,” said Rebecca Turner, IAAPA’s vice president of education, professional development, and training services.

In addition to learning the most up-to-date knowledge on the trends impacting their business, participants will earn credit toward IAAPA Certification by participating in the conference.

Additional information about the AAE 2016 education program is available at:

Information about the IAAPA Safety Institute and pricing is available at:

Information about the IAAPA Institute for Attraction Managers is available at:

About Asian Attractions Expo
Since 1997, Asian Attractions Expo has been the premier international event for the multibillion-dollar leisure and attractions industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Asian Attractions Expo 2016 takes place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, 13-16 June, and includes a 10,000-net-square-meter trade show floor, a comprehensive industry education program, networking events, and visits to some of the region's premier attractions. More than 8,000 attractions industry professionals from more than 65 countries will participate in the 2016 event. @IAAPAHQ #AAE16                                                                                                                                             
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 (2016年5月10日 · 美国弗吉尼亚州 · 亚历山德里亚讯)—由全球顶尖行业专家带来的最具前瞻性的景点行业发展趋势、最佳实践案例的教育会议将作为2016年亚洲景点博览会(Asian Attractions Expo,简称AAE)的重要组成部分与观众见面。本次博览会由景点行业国际权威协会“国际游乐园及景点协会(IAAPA)”主办,将于2016年6月13-16日在上海新国际博览中心召开,同期举办的教育会议规模为历届之最,将为观众提供11场主题多样化的研讨会。



  • Doug Akers, ICAE, 环球主题乐园及度假村国际运营部总监
  • Sarah Bruno, Arent Fox律师事务广告、知识产权和网络安全组合伙人
  • Jonathan Casson, 20世纪福克斯公司 ­ LBE事业拓展部总监
  • Randy Ewing, 思客未来国际建筑规划设计咨询有限公司设计部副总裁
  • Dio Ho, 白水西部工业有限公司設計总监
  • Brad Loxley, 澳洲Luna Park 高级游乐园经理
  • 李绳宗, ICAE, 香港海洋公园副行政总裁
  • Jim Pattison, Jr., ICAE, 里普利娱乐公司总裁
  • Anthony Van Dam, Forrec执行副总裁
  • Phil Zhong, 上海白水运营部总监




IAAPA 认证是在全球景点行业获得专业成就的权威标志。参加2016年亚洲景点博览会同期会议及课程,即可获取IAAPA认证学分。如欲了解更多IAAPA 认证如何成为景点行业专业人员最有价值的职业晋升助力工具,请登陆

IAAPA教育﹑专业发展及培训部副总裁Rebecca Turner表示 : “伴随着亚太地区景点行业的急速发展,该地区的业界人士对亚洲景点博览会教育会议这类知识平台的需求也随之增长。提升知识水平是他们保持市场竞争力,处于行业前沿的必要因素,而2016年亚洲景点博览会正是一个高水准及全面的知识交流及教育平台,涵盖景点行业的重要范畴。”








国际游乐园及景点协会(International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions,简称 IAAPA)成立于1918年,是规模最大的永久性游乐设施和景点国际行业协会,致力于保护和促进景点行业的蓬勃发展。IAAPA已在99个国家拥有近5,000个景点、供应商和个人会员单位。会员包括游乐园﹑主题公园﹑水上乐园﹑景点﹑家庭娱乐中心﹑动物园﹑水族馆﹑博物馆﹑科学中心及度假村。IAAPA为非营利组织,全球总部设在美国弗吉尼亚州亚历山大市,并在布鲁塞尔、香港、墨西哥城和奥兰多设有区域办事处。




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