Funworld Mission Statement

To educate our readers about the state of the industry.
To share with our readers prevailing trends, new technologies, and best practices.
To entertain our readers and encourage open discussion between industry members.

Funworld Audience

Funworld content is geared toward attractions operators, entrepreneurs, middle managers, and professionals who are new to the industry.

What We Look For

Funworld's main features focus on trend pieces, personality profiles (interesting people of all ranks, job titles, and positions), and “how to” pieces on training tips, marketing strategies, safety, technology, and company profiles. We also accept submissions from company professionals and consultants for our “Special Report” column, which can be an instructional piece or a discussion of an industry trend. Main features should be no more than 2,000 words, business features should be between 500 and 1500 words. Contributions for the “Special Report” are either one page (600 words) or two pages (1,200 words). Funworld does not assign or publish investigative news pieces or features.

Writing Style

Generally, we ask that all pieces be written in a professional tone and in the third person, unless otherwise approved by the editor. We publish a range of voices and writing styles, therefore we encourage writers to write with his/her own personal touch and flair.


All feature pieces should include at least one expert to speak on a trend or business topic. For example, if the piece deals with marketing strategies, a representative from a marketing association would be an appropriate source. Other outside sources could include authors of a related book, professors in a relevant discipline, or independent consultants from our industry.

Referencing External Sources

The web, magazines, recent articles, and other sources maybe used for background information, but must always be cited. DO NOT under any circumstances use information from cached web pages, individual blogs, or other sources that are not official news or industry sites. If a newspaper or other news site reports on information or facts about a park, those details MUST be fact-checked with the park. Quotes from individuals on news sites must be attributed to that news outlet and must include the date of publication.

How We Edit

Funworld editors reserve the right to reject submissions or edit and/or rewrite for clarity and/or length. If there are questions, the editors will contact the writer for clarification. If needed, writers will be asked to rewrite portions of the article or the entire article.


Writers should either take or compile photographs for every article. Original photographs chosen for the article are covered under the “work for hire” agreement. Photos compiled for articles may come from the public relations departments of most facilities or manufacturers/suppliers.

How to Submit a Query/Story

To submit a query, please send a story pitch of no more than 150 words, including possible sources, to Scott Fais, managing editor of Funworld at SFais@IAAPA. org.

Include an expiration date for the query. If and when the query is accepted, the editor will negotiate the terms and send the writer our “work for hire” contract, buying all rights to the article for unlimited use in a variety of association media, including, but not limited to, our website.

All articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word or a comparable word-processing program. The text should be in a basic, readable serif font (Times New Roman, etc.), flush left (no indents), and no spaces between paragraphs. Also, no formatting (bold, caps, italics, underlines, etc.) should be included. Writers are encouraged to include headline and subhead options.