New Rides & Attractions - Spinning Around - August 2018


What goes around comes around in grand style this season

by Juliana Gilling

Head over heels is the mantra as Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Great Adventure each put their own spin on Tourbillon rides from ABC Rides in 2018. 

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington branded its version “Harley Quinn Spinsanity.” The ride’s gyroscopic action sends guests head over heels, reflecting the unpredictability of the DC supervillain.

“This is the world’s first triple-axis ride with never-before-seen, gravity-defying flips, twists, and turns. It’s as exciting to watch as it is to ride,” says Six Flags Over Texas Communications Manager Sharon Parker.


Three giant, independently rotating sections evoke Harley Quinn’s off-kilter personality. The gondola at the center sweeps 24 guests at a time up to seven stories high (70 feet), leaving their feet dangling. The wild ride lasts for a minute. Eye-catching colors and diamond motifs, inspired by Harley Quinn’s iconic ensemble, complete the ride package. According to Parker, it stands out at night with a “dazzling light display.” 

“‘Harley Quinn Spinsanity’ is the type of unique offering our guests expect,” Parker says.

Six Flags Great Adventure has gone for a futuristic twist with its Tourbillon ride, calling it “Cyborg Cyber Spin,” after the DC superhero who is half-man, half-machine. The 24-seat thrill ride joins the park’s lineup next to “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.”