New Rides & Attractions - New-Look Rides Revealed - August 2018


European parks breathe new life into beloved water rides

by Juliana Gilling


I Corsari (The Corsairs)

Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy

Gardaland transformed its flagship “I Corsari” water ride for 2018, giving it a fresh storyline: “I Corsari: The Revenge of the Ghost.” 

A phantom pirate and his crew are brought to life using 3D digital imagery, created by projection mapping, which reimagines the ride’s surroundings. A new soundtrack, audio, and lighting effects add to the drama. 

Guests find themselves enthralled witnessing fearsome pirate duels as they sail into the underworld. There, spectral corsairs are imprisoned in the walls, marine monsters lurk, and battles break out before riders make their escape through an undersea tunnel.


Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest

Movie Park Germany
Bottrop, Germany

The enduring tale of King Arthur and his trusty sword inspired the new “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest,” a rethemed rapids ride formerly known as “Mystery River” at Movie Park Germany. 

“We trust this classic will reach and inspire all generations,” says Managing Director Thorsten Backhaus.

Guests arrive at Camelot’s darkest hour after the theft of Excalibur. Merlin sends them on a quest to recover the weapon past magical caves, sea serpents, battlegrounds, and fallen knights. Riders discover Excalibur and restore it to King Arthur, ensuring a sucessful ending.

The redesign involved IMAscore and IMAmedia (music and media content), Leisure Expert Group NL (creative concept and design), and Tema Design by MK Illumination (thematic transformation).