New Member Spotlight May 2018

1710_IAAPA_NEWS_EKOPARK_1Ekopark Tapalpa

by Juanita Chavarro Arias

Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico

Adventure has been at the heart of Ekopark Tapalpa's mission since opening in 2001. Through its immersive location in a tranquil forest in Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico, and numerous outdoor attractions, the park’s staff has continued to share this passion with visitors for many years. Ekopark Tapalpa gives guests the chance to interact with nature, breathe in fresh mountain air, and explore the area’s extensive greenery from new heights. The 22-hectare park offers zip lines, tree climbing, hiking, camping, and paintball games.

“In September 2016, we attended IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers in Guadalajara, where members and exhibitors provided us with valuable elements to improve Ekopark Tapalpa,” says Leticia Joseph Matilla, CEO of Ekopark Tapalpa. “We decided to join IAAPA to be in the company of industry colleagues and to share our experience in the world of adventure.”


"Teocallis" are dome cabins with bunk beds and capacity for up to six guests. (Credit: Ekopark Tapalpa)

Fast Facts

  • “Canopy Tour” is the park’s most popular attraction, with nine zip lines descending a canyon and flying guests high above the forest’s trees.
  • “Xtrechos Tour” features 10 different types of hanging bridges that connect platforms mounted in treetops 25 meters above ground.
  • “Gotcha” is a paintball battlefield comprised of trenches, tunnels, and barricades like run-down cars and tires.
  • Visitors can climb two of the tallest trees in the park and are challenged to ring a bell at the top of the 20-meter ascent.
  • The camping area, located in a clearing in the forest, is equipped with bathrooms, showers, sinks, campfire sites, barbecues, and picnic tables.
  • “Teocallis,” branded as the most comfortable way to sleep in the middle of the forest, are dome cabins with bunk beds and capacity for up to six guests.
  • The park offers team-building activities, like raft building and obstacle courses, to teach school groups, companies, and organizations about collaboration, communication, and leadership.