Much to Celebrate


Dear IAAPA Members:

This is a monumental year for our association as we celebrate 100 years of serving the attractions industry. Not many organizations of any size, shape, or form reach such a milestone, so we should all be proud of the work we’ve done together in maintaining and growing IAAPA’s mission and impact. 

100th Anniversary-w dates-color

This issue of Funworld is unlike any we’ve ever published before. It eschews our traditional monthly format to rather highlight our centennial theme of “Celebrate the Past. Build the Future.” Inside, you will find a complete timeline of our 100-year history; leafing through these pages, I was fascinated to see how much the association has changed, but also reminded of how our core principles and mission have remained the foundation for all we do. Whether in 1918 or 2018, IAAPA’s goal is to help you produce the safest, most innovative, and enjoyable guest experiences the world has ever seen. 

I’m also excited for you to see the plans we have for what lies ahead. As this issue states, we are quite literally in the midst of building IAAPA’s future. In the coming months, we will begin construction on the association’s new global headquarters here in Orlando, a building that will allow us to do even more for you in the years to come, and allow you to engage even more with us. 

With so much enthusiasm surrounding IAAPA and our global industry right now, this centennial celebration is a great reminder of where we’ve come from and how much we’ve accomplished together—decade after decade—in service of this amazing business. I can’t wait to see what our next 100 years have in store!


Paul Noland, IAAPA President and CEO