Letter From the Chairman - November 2018


Foundation for the Future

My year as Chairman is soon coming to an end—and what a year it has been! It seems like this year has been the perfect zenith of opportunities, challenges, celebrations, and progression.

There were times where I asked myself, “Why did I want this?” And there have been times, where I have wondered if the responsibilities and demands of new, global, year-round IAAPA have outgrown the time-honored role of chairman.

Yet, there are experiences and meetings that outweighed all the work and all the worry. I call them my “pinch-pinch moments.” These are the moments where you can’t believe you are part of this wonderful association and a part of this amazing industry.

Even though this year of setting the foundation for the future has been hectic, sometimes turbulent, I also think we as an association have accomplished a great deal. I would like to express my sincerest, heartfelt gratitude to the IAAPA teams around the globe and to the IAAPA volunteers for their support and hard work in this year of both change and celebration.

Without all of you, there would be no IAAPA making us all so very proud as we begin the next 100 years.

It has been an honor and a privilege serving you.

Here’s to the next 100 years,

Andreas Andersen
2018 IAAPA Chairman of the Board