Letter from the Chairman - March 2018

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Global & Diverse

Dear IAAPA Members:

The edition of Funworld you have in your hands is in many ways a good representation of the future of our industry. In these pages, we travel from Vietnam to Costa Rica, from amusement parks to music festivals, from digital transformations to the first in a series of portraits of women shaping our industry.  

It’s all here. And it illustrates how global, dynamic, and diverse our industry is. The same applies to IAAPA.

In a world that spins faster and faster, we have never needed IAAPA more than we do today. It can be hard to navigate all the changes happening around us every day—both inside our industry and throughout society at large. This is why we need one another, and IAAPA. We must have a strong, competent voice representing our industry.

The purpose of IAAPA has always resonated strongly with me. And now, in the new global context we are all operating in, the association’s task of bringing together our community and moving it forward is as important as ever before.

In that light, I encourage you to digest and share with your colleagues the valuable information IAAPA is providing you here in this month’s Funworld. 

Happy reading!
Andreas Andersen
2018 IAAPA Chairman of the Board