Launch - Revamp - January 2018


The renovated Mega Parc at Les Galeries de la Capitale mall will feature 14 new attractions, including the first Cloud Coaster in Canada. (Credit: Oxford Properties Group)

Complete Transformation Underway for Canada’s Mega Parc

by Keith Miller

When you put an amusement park in a city averaging several feet of snow and temperatures dipping to around 6 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, an indoor location is probably a wise choice. Such is the case with Mega Parc at Les Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City.

After 30 years in operation, the indoor Canadian facility has embarked on an extensive CA$52 million redevelopment plan.

“It will be like an American football field in size with 18 rides,” says Jean Pelletier, who works for the facility’s owner, Oxford Properties Group, as general manager of Mega Parc. 

The project is part of an ongoing renovation of the mall that will include replacement of many original rides and the addition of a new “retro futuristic” steampunk theme.

“It’s the highest investment that has been made in Canada related to an indoor theme park, and Mega Parc is the only indoor park in the eastern part of Canada,” Pelletier says.

The new Mega Parc will be the second largest indoor park in Canada, behind Galaxyland at the West Edmonton Mall. 


Mega Parc will have a steampunk influenced theme, influenced by the industrial era. (Credit: Oxford Properties Group)

New theming will play off the “steampunk” genre, representing a design and style that mixes a historical setting and elements with antiquated technology inspired by science fiction. 

“Quebec was an industrial city during the 18th and 19th centuries,” explains Pelletier. “The concept is around the industrial era, and steampunk represents those periods and allows us to go on the fantasy aspect of it.” Pelletier notes that while the new theme is subtle in appearance, the experiences of the rides and other attractions will be ramped up. When Mega Parc reopens, 14 new attractions will await visitors, like the first Cloud Coaster in Canada and the longest in North America. 

The signature attraction will be a seven-story spokeless Ferris wheel that Pelletier says will be different from the one that recently opened in Weifang City, China: “It’s a different technology and design. There will be two cabins, one each side of the structure, [and] it will be the first spokeless Ferris wheel in North America.” He mentions that another ride will carry passengers through the center of the wheel, which he says has never been done before. 

The old ice-skating rink in the center of the previous park will make room for the new rides and attractions, including a new ice skating attraction. A new 755-foot-long indoor “ice-skating trail” will wind around, the same way a lazy river winds through a water park. Pelletier says the trail will be the longest in Canada. A few of the original park’s rides, including the roller coaster and the carousel, will become part of the new park. Other older rides will be sold or retired. 

Extreme Engineering, Moser, Zamperla, Visa, and Larson will be among the companies supplying the new rides and attractions. International Play Company will provide children’s play structures.

Removing the renovated Mega Parc at Les Galeries de la Capitale mall will feature an open floor plan, facing the mall’s retail stores and food court. A transitional area will connect them and feature a stage, a fountain, and greenery. Pelletier acknowledges noise is a concern and has a plan in place.

“We will work with an acoustic professional to help us with this concern, but at the same time, food court suppliers are very happy to be enclosed with the park [because of] revenue growth.”

To match the mall environment, the color palette will be more subdued than the bright colors often found at amusement parks.

The new Mega Parc is expected to draw up to 600,000 guests each year. Since renovations began in September 2017, a smaller park has continued to operate, with barriers in place to control dust and construction activity. Completion is set for December 2018.