Launch - What's New October 2017


Printer Update

DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation released a comprehensive software update for its SnapLab SL620A printer and DS-Tmini order terminal. The new software provides new features and updates to several features of DNP’s SL620 dye-sublimation printer. A new Event Photo operation mode streamlines the printing process to quickly print selected images. The photo collage feature has also been enhanced, as has the partial matte printing, which allows users to embed a graphic image, such as a brand name or logo, into the lamination clear coat of the printed image.


Tech Company Offers Drone Mitigation

Department 13 International, a company focusing on wireless and mobile technologies, introduced Mesmer, a system that mitigates intrusive drones. Mesmer passively searches radio frequencies (RF) for a drone signal, analyzes it, and then takes advantage of protocol weaknesses to legally take control of the drone. The system features a general-purpose computer server running Linux OS and provides signal conditioning on both receive and transmit channels. Mesmer is flexible and can be installed in rugged enclosures for fixed sites or mobile use. Its transmit power is less than one watt but can reach varying effective distances depending on the type of antennae used.