Launch - What's New - October 2018


Timberplay Offers Concrete Play Products

Timberplay, known for its variety of wood play pieces, also offers a range of concrete products designed for strength. Concrete can be produced in infinite shapes and colors and can be ground, waxed, polished, painted, or glazed. In regions like the Middle East with extreme temperatures, some developers and landscape artists are reluctant to select wood, with concrete offering an attractive alternative. Timberplay’s most recent addition, the Concrete Rope Course, can accommodate many children at one time and presents a range of different challenges.

1810_movers_adcockEurope’s First Two-Player ‘Wheel of Fortune’

SEGA launched Innovative Concepts in Entertainment’s (ICE) “Wheel of Fortune” in a two-player option earlier this year, with Fantasy Island amusement park in Skegness, England, becoming the first location in Europe to offer the new setup. Fantasy Island says the two-player “Wheel of Fortune” arrangement makes the game an attraction in its own right. A simple one-lever pull action starts the game and spins a huge wheel, with additional spins adding another letter to a puzzle. Players are then rewarded with redemption tickets. “Wheel of Fortune” features an interactive game show host and voice-over prompts, and the two-player arrangement allows the players to battle it out to see who is the first to get all of the necessary letters.