Launch - What's New - March 2018


Adventure Course Unfolds

Kanopeo GmbH, Swiss manufacturer of continuous belay systems, launched the Saferoller Ultimate Mobile Aerial Adventure (SUMAA) Trailer, a single-operator mobile adventure course. Folding, telescopic, and adjustable, Kanopeo GmbH says the course can be set up in one hour using a hydraulic pump system and can be operated by one person. Containing eight to 12 obstacles (depending on trailer size), standard and custom configurations can be created from a choice of more than 150 obstacles. SUMAA Trailer has a throughput of 40 to 80 people per hour and comes in three sizes. For added safety, each course is equipped with an exclusive belay system that meets all applicable European (EN 15567) and American (ACCT) standards.



Larger-Than-Life Smartphone Entertains Customers

Island Robots of Florida (IROF) and Florida Robotics (FR) partnered to build a unique robot for promotional and entertainment use. Called FoneBot, the new interactive droid is designed to entertain and promote products and services for companies and organizations seeking to create buzz. The 5-foot-8-inch robot is a talking smartphone and serves as a mobile billboard that can roll forward and backward like a remote-control car. It is portable, interactive, and has a display that can be programmed with custom pictures, maps, and video presentations. A human companion across the room from FoneBot can speak into a coffee cup that doubles as a walkie-talkie, providing the robot’s voice.



Stellar Bench Powers Mobile Devices and LED Lighting

Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) showcased Stellar Bench at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017. The bench offers USB mobile device charging, drawn from solar energy without the need for a separate electrical supply. Its design collects and stores solar energy in an integrated battery system for use when needed. The stored energy also powers LED concealed lighting in the bench that can also provide a Wi-Fi signal.