Launch - What's New - July 2018


New All-Electric Train Rolls Out

Chance Rides is on track with the new Electric C.P. Huntington Train, an all-electric ride that operates with zero emissions by means of a lithium-ion battery, which means no oil changes, spark plugs, transmissions, radiators, or leaking fluids. The train can operate all day using a wireless charging system embedded into the tracks. The battery charges during loading and unloading in the station, making for a seamless operation. The first Electric C.P. Huntington Train began operation in April at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston, Texas. Named the “Electric Eel Train,” the electric engine was added to the aquarium’s “Shark Voyage” attraction.

Photo Printer Update Jumps on Instagram Trend

DNP IAMPicture this: DNP Imagingcomm America Corp. (DNP IAM) introduced version 2.06 firmware for its DS-RX1HS printer. The update provides the ability to produce 6-inch by 6-inch square prints, taking a nod from social media. The square format is also popular for Instagram images and other modern alternatives to traditional print sizes. The update is free and available for immediate download by Windows and Mac users. The software available on the DNP website can be used to create additional revenue-generating options without an additional investment in hardware. The DS-RX1HS printer can produce a 4-inch by 6-inch print in 12 seconds, with an hourly printing capacity of 290 images.