Launch - What's New - February 2019


Polin Introduces First Fully Transparent Waterslide

Polin Waterparks introduced what the company calls the world’s first fully transparent composite waterslide. Named the Glassy Slide, the product was developed in Polin’s research and development center and is created using light resin transfer molding, which produces a long-lasting and uniformly smooth surface without yielding harmful environmental emissions. Polin said unlike acrylic slides, the Glassy Slide is entirely transparent, and the surface doesn’t break down over time.


Sega Launches New Games

SEGA launched several new games timed to IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018. “Pixel Chase” is a new skill-based ticket redemption game that comes in a brightly lit LED cabinet. Players demonstrate their pitching skills by throwing as many balls as they can into 4-by-4-inch target holes within the time limit. The wide playfield attracts two players to team up, and the rapid ball return can keep up with them. “Ball Runner” is designed to entertain the whole family by combining traditional rolling mechanics with a modern, bright digital lighting matrix. Players simply slide balls along runners in the playfield to hit targets and score points. The mechanical and digital sounds should attract attention to the game. “Hot Racers” lets kids play the role of police officers and choose to control a motorcycle or car to chase bad guys in this colorful ticket-redemption game. Players try to avoid obstacles as they aim for the finish line.