Launch - What's New - April 2018

Garner Holt’s Lifelike Animatronic Replicates Human Expressions

GARNER HOLT PRODUCTIONSThemed attractions designer and animatronics creator Garner Holt Productions (GHP) unveiled its most sophisticated expressive animatronic figure ever. It was a shoulders-up bust of a 19th century-style character featuring more than 40 individual axes of motion. GHP says it’s the most sophisticated human face ever created on an animatronic and is part of the company’s all-new “Living Faces of History” line of figures featuring lifelike motions and expressions. The new figure, dubbed Alfred Jingle Machina, can replicate any expression made by a human face. These figures are entirely electric, so they operate silently and have no need for compressed air or a hydraulic infrastructure.


AV Stumpfl Presents Easily Adjustable Projection Screen System

AV STUMPFLAustrian audio/visual technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl introduced a new projection screen accessory called the T-32 Shift. The T-32 Shift makes it possible for one person to easily adjust a large mobile projection screen’s height without having to first disassemble it, and it can easily be combined with existing AV Stumpfl screen systems. No extra measuring is necessary to ensure the frame is level due to a clearly marked height scale. Using the T-32 Shift, it takes less than five minutes to assemble and adjust an AV Stumpfl mobile projection screen.