Launch - Vegas Soars - August 2018


With 10 ziplines running side by side, “Fly LINQ” will offer a group experience at The LINQ Promenade hotel and entertainment district. (Credit: LINQ Promenade and Caesars Attractions)

Enthralling New Attractions Gamble on the Allure of Las Vegas

by Keith Miller

Doing things in a huge, spectacular, and unique way is a trademark of Las Vegas. Three new attractions are no exception. Funworld looks at each of these new draws and finds out what makes them special. 

‘Fly LINQ’

Grab nine of your best friends and fly. “Fly LINQ” features 10 side-by-side ziplines running a length of 1,080 feet, passing by The LINQ Promenade hotel and entertainment district on the Las Vegas Strip. Costing around $20 million to build, “Fly LINQ” will be capable of launching multiple riders simultaneously, creating a group experience. 

“One of the unique aspects of ‘Fly LINQ’ is all 10 lines will accommodate the prone [flying] position. This will allow the more adventurous riders to enjoy the experience without being separated from the rest of their party,” says Shaun Swanger, vice president and general manager of The LINQ Promenade and Caesars Attractions. 

Guests will start their adventure by riding an elevator at The LINQ Hotel & Casino to the top of a 122-foot-tall tower. Upon arriving on the launch deck, riders will have a gear-fitting and choose to ride either in a seated position or on their chest in a flying “superman” formation.

The estimated ride speed will be around 33 mph depending upon the riders’ weight and environmental conditions.

Following the journey, riders will disembark near the base of the giant “High Roller” observation wheel. “Fly LINQ” will feature two automated gear-retrieval lines that will assist in keeping the queues flowing quickly by rapidly returning the flight gear back to the launch tower. The experience, developed by Xventure LV LLC and Caesars Entertainment, is expected to cost guests around $25 and open in late 2018.

Building the attraction in close proximity to other hotels meant construction crews had to be respectful of sleeping guests and those dining nearby.


The “Brilliant” experience at The Neon Museum gives new life to vintage neon signs using projectors and 3D-sound speakers. (Credit: Neon Museum)

‘Brilliant’ at the Neon Museum

Since Las Vegas’ birth as an entertainment mecca, dazzling neon lighting has been a staple of the city. The Neon Museum, located just a couple of miles from the Strip, celebrates and preserves Las Vegas’ luminous art form—its vintage neon signs. Now, more than 40 of these beacons have been brought back to life in an audiovisual experience called “Brilliant.”

Presented at night, “Brilliant” was created by digital artist and designer Craig Winslow. The experience utilizes 24 3D-sound speakers and eight projectors emitting a combined 80,000 lumens of light, the latter of which make the signs appear to be re-electrified. Winslow used flat photography, drone video, and 3D photogrammetry as references to bring each sign to life. He utilized structured light scanning to get a precise view of the projectors’ outputs, then aligned them to the sign surfaces, consisting of bulbs, bent metal, and broken neon tubes.

In 2017, Winslow created a small-scale, one-night projection for the museum that “relit” old signs. The concept proved so impressive, it grew.

“After seeing his eye-catching artistry applied to our neon signs, we began discussions about creating a permanent projection-mapping experience for our visitors,” says Rob McCoy, president and CEO of the Neon Museum. 

The 30-minute experience features Las Vegas-inspired music and takes place four times each night Wednesday through Monday. Tickets are $15 for locals and $23 for other guests.

The Mob Museum’s “Organized Crime Today” exhibit focuses on the evolution of modern organized crime through artifacts, graphics, and an interactive touch-screen wall. (Credit: The Mob Museum)

New Attractions at the Mob Museum

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, known as The Mob Museum, sports three new exhibits. Located in downtown Las Vegas, the museum chronicles the history of organized crime in the city and across America. 

The new exhibits and experiences represent the first phase of the museum’s largest capital improvement project since its inception in 2012. 

“In the ‘Crime Lab’ and ‘Use of Force Training Experience,’ guests learn more about how police officers do their jobs and the challenges they face,” says Geoff Schumacher, the museum’s senior director of content. “The ‘Organized Crime Today’ exhibition brings the story up to the current day and takes a global perspective.” 

“Organized Crime Today” focuses on the evolution of modern organized crime in the present day. It features artifacts, graphics, and an interactive 17-foot-wide Global Networks touchscreen wall exploring today’s active crime groups, including Yakuza, Mexican cartels, Eastern European mafias, and the MS-13 international crime gang. The exhibit also looks at the international law enforcement agencies working to eliminate them.

“Use of Force Training Experience” places guests in the shoes of law enforcement and engages them in an intense training session utilizing both digital and live role-playing scenarios to demonstrate the speed and complexity of use-of-force decisions. Associated exhibits look at the factors that impact law enforcement’s responses to real and perceived threats, with a focus on the use of deadly force.

“Crime Lab Experience” is a hands-on examination of five forensic science topics—death investigation, DNA profiling, fingerprint analysis, crime scene investigation, and firearms examination. Guests spend time at each station exploring these areas, acquiring a basic understanding of scientific techniques used in each area. 

The admission price to the “Use of Force Training Experience” is $12 in addition to the regular museum admission of $26.95. Admission to the “Crime Lab” is $7 plus regular admission. The “Organized Crime Today” exhibit is included in the price of regular admission. An All-Access Pass, which includes general admission and all three experiences, is $41.95.