Launch - In Depth - November 2018


Mobaro Park installs digital systems for attractions’ operations checklists and work orders, allowing maintenance employees to use smartphones or tablets during ride inspections. (Credit: Mobaro Park)

Inspections and Operations Checklists Go Digital

by Keith Miller

Attractions facilities can now skip paperwork and go mobile with inspection checklists and work orders. Placing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and engineering checklists, including pre-opening checklists, as well as risk assessments and work orders on a mobile device or tablet provides real-time accountability and information sharing. 

Mobaro Park, headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, with a North American office in New York City, sets up digital systems for attractions.

“The parks will have assurance that every ride has been attended and all information is being tracked to help if there should be an investigation,” explains Mobaro Park CEO Jens Holm-Møller. “By having a digital solution for work orders and checklists, they have a live view of what is going on in the park at all times.” 

Holm-Møller says he believes digital devices have an advantage over using paper checklists, since high-priority inspection items can be added by an office or supervisor in real time, while reducing the amount of paperwork.

He notes that several of his firm’s clients in Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America have their systems financed by insurance companies because of the impact on liability. 

On a given morning in a park, the mechanical team logs into the system on their smartphones or tablets and has access to all the checklists and work orders for that day. In addition, ride manuals and support documents are also available on the system. As work is checked off, maintenance, safety, and park operations offices can see in real time when final inspections are completed.

Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, installed the Mobaro system in 2017.

“Since going digital with Mobaro Park, our maintenance and safety checklist system is now better structured [and] allows our technicians to get inspections done in less time than before without sacrificing thoroughness or detail,” says Enchanted Kingdom President and Chairman Mario Mamon. “Safety management is heightened through centralized monitoring in real time. Department and section heads can follow the progress of each technician on every ride.”

Going mobile will take two to three weeks to convert a medium-sized park from paper to 100 percent digital. In addition to hardware installation and the creation of digital checklists, managers and technicians will also receive training. In the next few years, Holm-Møller believes the advantages of going digital will be a compelling reason for attractions facilities to join the digital revolution.