Launch - In Depth - February 2019


Located at the top of King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand’s tallest building, “Mahanakhon SkyWalk” features a 314-meter-high observation deck, rooftop bar, and glass platform that appears to levitate off the side of the building. (Credit: MR-ProFun)

‘Mahanakhon SkyWalk’ Marks Debut of MR-ProFun

Perched a dizzying 314 meters in the sky is the “Mahanakhon SkyWalk,” which opened in November atop the King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand’s tallest building. 

Located on the 74th, 75th, and 78th floors, the skywalk has both indoor and outdoor observation decks offering fabulous views of the city, plus Thailand’s highest rooftop bar. The starring feature is the “Glass Tray Experience,” a glass platform that appears to levitate off the side of the building. Visitors can stand—or even lie face-down—on the clear sheet of glass suspended over the streets of Bangkok below.

The building and skywalk were developed by Pace Development Corp. and then sold to King Power International Group in 2018. The opening and operation of “Mahanakhon SkyWalk” marks a dazzling debut for MR-ProFun, which officially launched in November. The collaboration represents the merger of Management Resources and ProFun Management Group, two operations consulting and management firms with extensive and successful histories in the themed entertainment and cultural attractions industry. 

“‘Mahanakhon SkyWalk’ presented an amazing opportunity to work on an iconic project of cultural significance in Thailand,” says Matt Palmer, vice president of marketing for MR-ProFun, on the opportunity to launch and operate this new attraction. “The scope of the project drew deeply upon our extensive industry experience to offer unique and relevant insights, advice, and guidance on the pre-opening strategy and subsequent training required to operate a premium observatory experience. We now proudly manage and operate the attraction on behalf of King Power.”

Visitors who decide to venture into the experience, which at 63 square meters is one of the world’s largest glass-tray floors, must envelop their shoes in disposable covers to protect the clear floor from scratches. As for the safety of the skywalk, Palmer says, “The outdoor areas on the 78th floor are surrounded and secured by tall glass panels that run along the entire exterior edge of the building, and our extensive security team ensures that all observation deck areas are constantly observed and protected.”

Even the journey up to the “Mahanakhon SkyWalk” provides an adventure, as guests will ascend on Thailand’s fastest video-themed elevators and reach the 74th floor in just 50 seconds. The cost of experiencing the “Mahanakhon SkyWalk & Rooftop” is 1,050 Thai bhat for adults and 450 Thai bhat for children under 12 and seniors over 60.