Launch - Game Report - March 2018


New Games Hit the Jackpot at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

by Peter Manougian

A number of new and exciting games made their debut at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 in Orlando last November. Here are some great new additions to any game room. 

Andamiro showed off two new pusher games, “Despicable Me Jelly Lab” and “National Football League Player Association (NFLPA) Super Star Football Coins.” 

Football fans will score with “NFLPA Super Star Football Coins,” where players use a magnetic claw shaped like a miniature football to pick up coins from the playing field. When the magnetic field from the football is turned off, the coins fall into an end zone. A pusher arm may then push coins over an edge and into the redemption tray. The game includes colorful chips worth different values and additional coins featuring the picture of more than 60 football players. Each year, more coins will be released as new football stars hit the gridiron. “Despicable Me Jelly Lab” is a card dispensing game where players try to time the release of a coin to land on a conveyer belt. Successful players can win a “Despicable Me” character card or 10, 20, or 30 tickets. Players who collect all eight cards win a bonus worth 100 tickets.

Would you like to buy a vowel? Ice debuted “Wheel of Fortune,” where players use a handle to spin a wheel like the one seen on the popular game show. This wheel is divided into wedges with letters that spell “Wheel of Fortune.” Once the phrase is completely spelled out, players win the jackpot.

Using balls like those seen on television lottery drawings, Bay Tek Games’ “Squiggle” challenges players to get a jackpot ball from the top of the tall game into a winning spot at the bottom. The game features three twisting columns—two columns with red balls and one in the middle that holds the yellow jackpot ball. When the game begins, the red balls enter the playing field, cascading to the bottom of the game. Players then need to time the right moment when pressing the “ball drop” button to release  the yellow jackpot ball so it lands strategically in between the red balls in the jackpot spot. 

For those “in shape,” Bay Tek also offers “Perfection,” where players have a set amount of time to match the shape shown in the game’s center screen and try to match a total of 10 shapes before the clock runs out. If players can match the shapes quickly in the beginning, they can win a jackpot.

Calling all superheroes. Raw Thrills exhibited “Injustice Arcade,” featuring characters from DC Comics. Players are dispensed a superhero card, which they can use in the game to aid play. When a barcode on each card is scanned, it unlocks powers and defense mechanisms. There are more than 200 cards available, each providing different levels of abilities.

From the midway to battling zombies, Coastal Amusements exhibited two new games. In the classic amusement park game “Ring Toss,” players try to win tickets by throwing rings onto light-up bottles. Land on all of them, and win a jackpot. With “Ice Man,” the video redemption game allows players to have a seat and then shoot water cannons at attacking zombies. During the game, players can unlock upgrades to have a more powerful weapon. The game also features an option for water mist to rise from the playing field to add an eerie attraction.

Peter Manougian is the manager and games purchaser for Fun World, an FEC in Nashua, New Hampshire.