Launch - Full Speed Ahead - October 2018


Through a partnership with Mattel, Beto Carrero World recently opened a larger-than-life Hot Wheels-themed area with several attractions, a restaurant, and a store. (Credit: JeannFM Fotografia) 

Beto Carrero World Welcomes Hot Wheels

by Keith Miller

The enduring and popular Hot Wheels toy brand celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Marking the anniversary in a big way, one of Latin America’s largest theme parks teamed with Mattel, the toy brand’s owner, to open a colorful and exciting new Hot Wheels themed section.

Beto Carrero World in Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil, recently unveiled the new Hot Wheels area amid 7,000 park visitors, journalists, and special guests. Though Mattel is a U.S. company, the die-cast miniature Hot Wheels cars remain globally popular. This marks the first time the Hot Wheels brand has been brought to life in a large-scale permanent attraction in Latin America.

Julie Freeland, senior director of Mattel Global Live Events and Attractions, says she believes partnering with the park is the perfect way for Mattel to expand its theme park attractions into Latin America. Rogério Siqueira, CEO of Beto Carrero World, is also excited for the partnership that introduced a new intellectual property (IP) into the park.

“With this partnership, Beto Carrero World reaffirms its commitment to always provide park visitors the best experience that is enchanting, entertaining, and fun. We want to promote unique and unforgettable moments, and this is why we are establishing this alliance with Hot Wheels,” says Siqueira.


The “Hot Wheels Epic Show” features 14 life-size Hot Wheels cars, six motorbikes, and a truck during a 30-minute stunt spectacle. (Credit: JeannFM Fotografia)

Attendees at the grand opening enjoyed a first look at the new park section’s signature attraction, the “Hot Wheels Epic Show,” as well as other attractions like “Hot Wheels Kart Racing” and “Hot Wheels Extreme Kids.”
The “Hot Wheels Epic Show” takes place every day at 1 p.m. and lasts about 30 minutes. A crew of 38 performers presents the live show featuring life-size Hot Wheels vehicles. Drivers of the cars perform stunts in an arena built for an audience of 3,000 guests. In all, 14 cars, six motorbikes, and a truck complete the show.

The “Hot Wheels Kart Racing” attraction features Hot Wheels customized go-karts, and the “Hot Wheels Extreme Kids” area includes a track with electric cars designed for kids (both rides require an additional fee).

When all the racing action makes guests hungry, they can enjoy Restaurante Hot Wheels, which is decorated with a variety of Hot Wheels memorabilia, like the die-cast cars and the toy’s unmistakable plastic track.


Guests can drive customized Hot Wheels go-karts on a specialty track through the park’s “Hot Wheels Kart Racing” attraction. (Credit: JeannFM Fotografia)

Themed retail merchandise at the Hot Wheels Store offers a selection of Hot Wheels gifts and memorabilia for both adults and kids. Situated in front of the themed store is “Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage,” featuring a machine for visitors to create their own exclusive six-pack of Hot Wheels cars from a selection of 40 of the die-cast toys. This area is also filled with photo opportunities with life-size Hot Wheels cars and giant tracks. Beto Carrero World plans to expand the Hot Wheels area in the near future with additional attractions.

Beto Carrero World opened in 1991 and features shows, toys, a zoo with more than a 1,000 animals, and rides, including three roller coasters and a free-fall tower more than 330 feet tall. The park receives visitors from all areas of Brazil, as well as from many countries in South America, including Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile.