Launch - First Look - January 2019


Koezio’s “Hors Contrôle Mission” allows two to five players to move within 15 different rooms, where they face a variety of challenges. (Credit: Koezio)

Expanding the Escape Room Concept into a Multiscene Adventure

Escape rooms around the world immerse visitors in a locked room for a set period of time. Yet, if staying put in one room for up to an hour doesn’t offer enough action, the new “Hors Contrôle Mission” (“Out of Control Mission”) offered by Koezio, headquartered in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France, offers a solution. 

The team challenge game allows two to five players freedom to move within 15 different rooms where they face a variety of conundrums. Bertrand Delgrange, the founder of Koezio, says he wanted “Hors Contrôle Mission” to be different by challenging the mind and the body.

“Players are always moving across a lot of areas and rooms with a variety of themes and shapes,” he says of the new experience. “We have a lot of electronics, special effects, lighting, screens, and sounds. The missions last about 90 minutes instead of 60, and there is no need for a game master to follow each team because game mastering is automatic with a custom-made program on an iPad. The story is very important, and we worked a lot on the characters, the costumes, and the displays.”


In the creation process of “Hors Contrôle Mission,” Koezio asked select customers for feedback during 10 brainstorming sessions, where the company presented sketches and ideas for the game before the final version was developed. Koezio decided the game needed to be spread across 6,000 square meters of indoor space, be comical in addition to challenging, and feature a surprising grand finale.

In the game, teams must overcome an array of challenges to find and defeat a diabolical genius and mad scientist, Dr. Ego, for whom Koezio designed a custom-made face mask and costume. 

“In one area, players need to turn on a lot of machines that Dr. Ego has shut down for mysterious reasons. They have to do a ‘human chain’ to transfer electricity from a point to another,” Delgrange says. “In one machine, they must crawl inside tubes to find some clues and help the other players to solve a global enigma. In a different room, you need to scan the wall with your iPad and find some augmented reality clues hidden in the room, and in another, you must climb up in a 12-meter-high rocket to stop its launching process.”

Koezio opened the first “Hors Contrôle Mission” in Lille, France, and will soon open two locations in Paris, one in Lyon, France, and another in Brussels, Belgium. Additional locations are planned in the near future for London, the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany. The missions run seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Prices per player range from 20 to 30 euros depending on the day and time, and there are also special prices for students and families.