IAE18 Recap - Games Report - January 2019


Master Chief, a character from the “Halo” video game franchise, met IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 attendees, including Peter Manougian, on the trade show floor.

New Games Hit the Jackpot

by Peter Manougian 

With their bright ­graphics, innovative ­cabinets,
blinking lights, and promises of getting a higher score next round, coin-operated games continue to captivate attendees at IAAPA Attractions Expo. Several standouts caught the eyes of owners, operators, and serious gamers alike. Here’s a look at the games that created a buzz in November and can add profits to game rooms all year long.

A cooperative arcade sci-fi shooting game and hungry worms were on the agenda from Raw Thrills (www.rawthrills.com). “Halo Fire Team Raven” is based on the hit Xbox series and offered in a four-seat version with its own 130-inch panoramic 4K display or a two-seat theater style cabinet with a 55-inch 4K monitor. The four-player version is visually amazing and makes players feel like they are in the game. Players can use some of the classic weapons like a plasma gun or machine gun. An additional feature of “Halo” is the ability to link an Xbox Live account to encourage repeat play.

Raw Thrills also introduced “Slither.io” (available in February) based on the hit app. “Slither.io” is a three-player game where players use a knob to navigate a hungry worm through the ground. As players try to collect as many dots as they can, the worm grows. Gamers are challenged to aim for power-ups like magnets or more time on the clock to help the worm grow larger. If the worm makes it through the game, players can continue on with the larger worm they helped form. 

Scoring baskets for the win and leaping buildings in a single bound are new offerings from Bay Tek Entertainment (www.baytekent.com). The company introduced “Willy Crash” where players launch their daredevil into the sky and try to land the character on a building holding a jackpot or land atop other buildings with large ticket amounts. If players miss a building, the daredevil falls to the ground, which is a lot of fun to watch. Bey Tek also showcased a one- and two-player basketball version of “Connect 4.” In “Connect 4,” players shoot a basketball in an attempt to make their own row of four or try and block their opponent.

Ready to rumble? Andamiro (http://andamiro.com) exhibited the card pusher “Royal Rumble” game based on the WWE’s brand of professional wrestling. Established stars like The Rock and John Cena appear in the game where players grapple with the task of launching beads through a moving championship wrestling belt. As they move up levels, players score cards and tickets and can activate a multiball drop that launches more coins into the playfield. Once players tap out and collect all the cards they can, their cards can be redeemed for a final body slam where they walk away with a jackpot. 

The game of jump rope just grew up. Bandai Namco Amusement America (www.bandainamco-am.com) showcased a new version of the hit redemption game “Jumpin’ Jackpot.” In the new “Jumbo Jumpin,’” players stand on a pad and try to hop over an LED “jump rope.” As players jump, they fill up a progress bar. Once the goal is reached, players hit the jackpot. The game offers double Dutch and normal jump rope modes.

Flyswatters have gone high-tech. Family Fun Companies (http://familyfuncompanies.com) introduced kiddie ride “Big Bug Blaster.” Players use a joystick to shoot missiles and lasers eliminating as many bugs as possible to win tickets. At the end of the game, a boss appears to battle. An appealing cabinet will help draw kids to the game.