IAAPA News - Volunteer - October 2018

Discover IAAPA’s Volunteer Opportunities

by Juanita Chavarro Arias

Volunteers are an integral part of IAAPA, ensuring the association continues to be progressive, proactive, and strong in supporting the global attractions industry. Every year, countless industry professionals dedicate their time and talents to IAAPA committees, task forces, Expos, events, and education programs to share their knowledge and experience while carrying forward the goals of the association and the industry.

1810_volunteer_molterTed Molter, chief marketing officer at San Diego Zoo Global, has been an active volunteer with the association since 2001 when he joined the IAAPA Media and Public Relations (PR) Committee.

“From the very first meeting, I was engaged in efforts and activities that were productive, collaborative, and meaningful,” he says. “As my engagement continued and more opportunities were presented, I took each one with a clear understanding and strong desire to represent my industry sector, my organization, and the IAAPA membership at large.”

Through the years, Molter has taken part in numerous IAAPA task forces and committees, including the education and government relations committees. From 2007 to 2011, he served on the IAAPA Board of Directors and is currently chair of the IAAPA Zoos and Aquariums Committee. Molter says volunteering with IAAPA has given him the opportunity to view the industry through a global lens, present at IAAPA Expos, and help shape some of the association’s education programs. 

“I know of no better way to create and cultivate a stronger network in our industry,” Molter says.

1810_volunteer_leeVivian Lee, executive director of business development and education at Ocean Park Hong Kong, has also been a featured speaker at Asian Attractions Expo and IAAPA Attractions Expo, and she has served as a member of the association’s marketing committee, Asia-Pacific membership subcommittee, and branding task force. Lee suggests IAAPA members get involved by submitting a proposal for a presentation during the Education Conference Program at an IAAPA Expo.

“IAAPA provides a good platform for industry professionals to share experiences and best practices,” she says. “I learn quite a lot from our committee members about different attractions in the world, while exchanging experiences and points of view.”