IAAPA News - New Member Spotlight - September 2018


Virtual Room USA

Los Angeles, California, United States

In a city known for creating unique worlds and bringing them to life on the silver screen, a new virtual reality (VR) attraction looks to transport visitors to the places at which they marvel in movies. Located steps away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, Virtual Room USA offers collaborative VR experiences that immerse players in missions set in space, ancient Egypt, and the medieval period. 

Teams of two to four players become the heroes of their own adventures, communicating and working together in a realistic virtual world. During the 45-minute experience, each participant is stationed in his or her own specially designed, 100-square-foot room and is virtually connected with teammates. Equipped with VR headsets and gear, players move within their spaces, search for items, manipulate objects, and solve puzzles with team members.

Fast Facts:

  • 3D movie developers designed Virtual Room’s immersive virtual experience.
  • Each experience can accommodate two to four players, but the facility can host a total of eight players at a time. Larger groups can split into multiple teams.
  • In addition to hosting VR sessions in its facility, Virtual Room can also organize outside events and transport its installations. For these occasions, the mission can be shortened from the standard 45 minutes to 10 or 20 minutes.
  • One year after making its debut in Paris, Virtual Room established centers on five continents and plans to continue to grow.

The team-based VR experiences are open to guests 12 years and older, and the facility often hosts families, friends, school groups, parties, and corporate groups looking to take part in team-building exercises.

“Our quality of images is impressive, and, therefore, the level of immersion for players is extremely high,” says Gilles Amsallem, director of Virtual Room USA. “The illusion of being in a different world is really there, and people feel like they’re the actors in the movie they have chosen.”

Virtual Room was founded by Monsieur K, a French design and production studio, and escape game specialists Jean-Luc Gignoux and Jean-Louis Bouthinon. Their idea centered on crafting a collaborative, immersive game that appealed to a wide audience, from teenagers to business professionals. The first Virtual Room location opened in Paris in early 2017, and the company has since expanded around the world with facilities in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, and more.

The Los Angeles location opened in January 2018, and for Virtual Room’s founders, choosing the iconic Hollywood Boulevard as the home for its first venture in the United States made sense for the brand because of the famed area’s popularity, high traffic, and established tech culture. ­Amsallem says he was excited to join IAAPA to gain greater insight into the entertainment industry and tap into the large network the association has to offer.