IAAPA News - New Member Spotlight - October 2018


Serengeti-Park is a 220-hectare safari park home to more than 1,500 free-roaming animals and a variety of attractions. (Credit: Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen)

Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen

Hodenhagen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Dedicated to the philosophy of connecting guests with nature and its beauty, Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen in Germany is a 220-hectare safari park home to more than 1,500 free-roaming animals and a variety of attractions. The park combines elements traditionally found in zoos, national parks, and theme parks to create a unique experience that drives the message of wildlife conservation and sustainability.

Fast Facts:

  • Serengeti-Park’s season usually extends from March to November and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with extended hours on weekends and holidays.
  • On Serengeti-Park’s bus tour, experienced rangers lead a safari tour while entertaining guests with interesting information about the park’s animals. The bus tour takes place several times a day in all weather conditions and lasts one hour.
  • “Safari Express” is an exclusive wilderness VIP tour that brings guests close to animals from around the world on a 1.5-hour safari, where they can feed giraffes and observe big cats and rhinos from a special perspective.
  • Serengeti-Park’s resort accommodations include adventure lodges, jungle lodges, Masai Mara lodges, ranger lodges, safari lodges, and tent lodges. Each lodge offers a unique ambiance and theme, and some offer views of the park’s animals and natural surroundings.

Serengeti-Park is known for its three safari experiences: Serengeti-Safari, Jungle-Safari, and Adventure-Safari. Serengeti-Safari explores more than 120 hectares through 17 large-scale, outdoor spaces and a 10-kilometer tour where guests can encounter antelopes, lions, tigers, zebras, and more. An observation deck offers views of giraffe breeding groups, green monkeys, and numerous bird species. Jungle-Safari is home to more than 200 monkeys—including chimpanzees, mandrills, and siamangs—on a 15-hectare island.

Adventure-Safari theme park features more than 40 rides and various family-friendly shows with music, action, and acrobatics. Attractions include offerings for thrillseekers like the “Chura Racer” roller coaster and “Gantu Top Spin,” as well as rides for young adventurers like the “Guru Guru Dragon Train,” a log flume, and bumper cars. The Adventure-Safari area also offers a “Jungle Safari” tour on an all-terrain vehicle, an “Aqua Safari” by airboat, a fast-paced jetboat ride on “Black Mamba,” and high-altitude experiences on “Kumba Twister,” “Victoria Freefall,” and “Puto Moto,” a 40-meter-tall Ferris wheel.

Since opening in 1974, Serengeti-Park has continued to grow its original safari park concept, having recently introduced its newest attraction “Splash Safari,” a high-speed ride on a 300-horsepower rigid inflatable boat that travels across Lake Tanzania in the Adventure-Safari area. This year, the park expanded its resort accommodations, which allow guests to stay overnight in bungalows with views of the park’s animals. 

“You often get success on your own, but you will only get great success together! That’s why we decided to join IAAPA,” says Dr. Fabrizio Sepe, owner and CEO of Serengeti-Park. “All together we can create an incredibly strong, safe, and very successful future!”