IAAPA News - Events - November 2018


 1. Attendees at the IAAPA Safety Institute in Brazil had a chance to network and learn about safety best practices. 2. During a tour, participants got an inside look at Beto Carrero World’s “Big Tower.” 3. Jeffrey Savelesky spoke at the IAAPA Safety Institute in Argentina. 4. Dirceu Herkenhoff presented various safety topics during the event in Brazil. 5. Shrek and Fiona greeted IAAPA Safety Institute attendees at Beto Carrero World.

IAAPA Safety Institutes Shine in Latin America

by Juanita Chavarro Arias

Latin America recently hosted two IAAPA Safety Institute events, covering a wide range of topics, including risk management, operations best practices, and guest and employee safety.

The first of the IAAPA Safety Institutes took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Aug. 14, marking the second time this refreshed institute program has been presented in Latin America. The one-day event welcomed 58 attendees from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and the United States. IAAPA Chairman of the Board Andreas Andersen opened with a safety presentation followed by Jeffrey Savelesky, executive director of maintenance, construction, and safety at Palace Entertainment.

From Aug. 28 to 29, Beto Carrero World in Santa Catarina, Brazil, brought together 52 participants from around the country to hear from industry experts. Dirceu Herkenhoff, maintenance engineering manager at Beto Carrero World, led a tour of the park’s “Big Tower,” and additional speakers included Jorge Mario Rodas Lozano, maintenance and operations manager at IRTRA’s Mundo Petapa theme park; Francisco Donatiello Neto, director of Espaço Diversão; and Paulo Ricardo Maltauro, maintenance and safety manager at Parque da Mônica. The IAAPA Safety Institute in Brazil also featured modules focused on topics of regional interest, such as maintenance plans for family entertainment centers (FECs), facility evacuation plans, and safety standards from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).


1. IAAPA and its global safety committee brought together more than 140 attendees to the IAAPA Safety Forum in Mexico. 2 and 3. Participants explored Ventura Park through group tours and took part in two moderated panels with global safety experts.

IAAPA Safety Forum Inspires in Cancun, Mexico

by Juanita Chavarro Arias

In September, IAAPA and its global safety committee presented the first-of-its-kind IAAPA Safety Forum in Cancun, Mexico, focused on the importance of implementing and growing comprehensive safety programs and a strong safety culture across all facets of the attractions industry. More than 140 attendees made up of attractions operators and owners, manufacturers and suppliers, ride inspectors, safety consultants, government officials, teachers, and students gathered to learn about the industry’s latest developments and best practices in ride standards, loss prevention, risk management, ride design, and safety compliance.

“We were excited with the results from our first IAAPA Safety Forum,” said Paulina Reyes, IAAPA’s vice president of Latin American operations. “Cancun was the perfect location for this forum. Mexico is experiencing rapid growth and development in the attractions and theme park industry, and several world-class projects will open across the country in the coming months. It has been a great experience to bring industry professionals together for transparent and open discussions about safety, the global attractions industry, and our common goal to ensure safe operations around the world.”

Ventura Entertainment’s Ventura Park hosted the IAAPA Safety Forum, and attendees took part in an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the park. The forum’s interactive program featured a networking reception on the first day and two moderated panels, in which global safety experts shared their knowledge and experience with participants.

“Taking part in the first IAAPA Safety Forum allowed us to meet and talk with respected industry leaders from amusement parks and attractions around the world,” said Reyna Nuñez of Experiencias Xcaret. “We discussed their points of view and recommendations, shared advice and experience, and so much more. ... Above all, the forum allowed us to come together to help create a vision for a better future for our industry, always leading with safety and unparalleled customer service.”

To learn more about upcoming IAAPA events in Latin America, visit www.IAAPA.org/LatinAmerica.