IAAPA News - Event Recap - July 2018

1.) Gloria Bejarano, founder of the Children's Museum; 2.) Lee Banks, owner of La Paz Waterfall Gardens; 3.) Hernan Martinez; 4.) The summit's opening ceremony featured a presentation of Costa Rican dances; 5.) Attendees visited Parque Diversiones to learn about its operations and attractions.

IAAPA Latin American Summit 2018 Journeys to Costa Rica

by Juanita Chavarro Arias

Costa Rica—a country known for its adventurous spirit, beautiful scenery, and exciting entertainment offerings—hosted IAAPA Latin American Summit 2018 in April, marking the first time the event took place in Central America. Embodying the theme “Entertainment, naturally,” the three-day event showcased the lively attractions industry in San Jose, Costa Rica, through a packed itinerary of immersive experiences and valuable presentations.

The summit brought together 114 participants from 21 countries around the world, such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Honduras, Italy, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Panama, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. 

Kicking off IAAPA Latin American Summit 2018, the opening ceremony featured a celebration of IAAPA’s 100th anniversary and welcoming remarks from Melissa Tencio of Costa Rica’s Tourism Board; Hernán Martínez, CEO of the Oxígeno Project; and Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría, the vice president of Costa Rica.

During the summit, attendees visited a diverse lineup of attractions, including Parque Diversiones, Café Britt, the Simón Bolívar Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Children’s Museum, and La Paz Waterfall Gardens. While touring these popular area attractions, participants observed their operations, learned about their history, heard from attractions executives and leaders, and interacted with the facilities’ employees, who exhibited a strong passion for the work they do. In addition to facility tours and presentations, attendees had time to network and get a taste of the country’s vibrant culture. Parques Diversiones’ live shows featured traditional Costa Rican dances, and a dinner at the Children’s Museum amazed attendees with a state-of-the-art show using projection mapping and holograms, where images were projected right onto tables and dishes.

Closing three days of exploration, Jorge Mario Chajón, Guatemala’s minister of tourism, invited attendees to next year’s IAAPA Latin American Summit, taking place in Guatemala, April 1-7, 2019.

For information about upcoming IAAPA events in Latin America, visit www.IAAPA.org/LatinAmerica.