Editor's Note - August 2018


RMC Founder Fred Grubb and Scott Fais share a laugh during an early season ride aboard "Steel Vengeance" at Cedar Point.

Celebrating Your Accomplishments and Building the Future

Capital improvements are the things dreams are made of. 

Each winter, I stayed warm as an adolescent in suburban Ohio researching what new rides the attractions industry had planned by reading newspaper stories. Well before the internet, I would hop off the school bus and trudge through the snow, stopping excitedly at our frozen mailbox. Upon prying open its ice-encrusted door, I would intently peer inside, hoping my grandparents had sent me a bulging envelope. If lucky, I would find that envelope packed full of clippings from their local newspaper detailing construction of the latest roller coaster, water ride, or water slide. Arrow Dynamics and Curtis Summers soon became household names. I devoured the articles and then began counting down the days until an attraction opening on a homemade advent calendar—as if it were Christmas morning.

Ironically, I’ve come full circle. It’s an honor to bring this edition of Funworld to your mailbox. 

August’s issue is devoted to covering your latest and greatest additions—from around the corner, to around the globe. The 2018 season will be remembered for phenomenal innovations: spinning roller coaster cars that navigate inversions, hybrid coasters that flip 360 degrees before their imposing first drop, the development of single-rail roller coaster track, and virtual reality technology that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. 

Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) has had an incredible year—opening five new roller coasters in North America, two with a new train design and two utilizing a new single-rail track. Writer Arthur Levine gives us an in-depth look on RMC’s growth (p. 48) and what’s next. News Editor Keith Miller and Contributing Editor Juliana Gilling share some of the most notable new attractions utilizing a track (p. 56), and those making a name for themselves by traveling in their own direction (p. 74). While each attraction opening is worth celebrating, space limitations among these pages prevent us from including every deserving new addition.

All the rides and attractions of 2018 are bound to create new traditions. There are few things greater than the pursuit of creating fun that spans generations each summer … and gives flight to the imagination each winter.

Speaking of additions, I’m listening: Funworld is your magazine. Drop me a line and let me know what you want to see more of in these pages. IAAPA’s global team is here to serve you.