Association News - Staff News - January 2019

IAAPA’s Randy Davis Honored by ASTM International

1RDavisRandy Davis, IAAPA senior vice president of safety and advocacy, received the Dr. Richard H. Brown Memorial Exceptional Service Award from the ASTM International Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices in San Diego, California, in October. The award is the most prestigious honor presented by the committee. 

Davis was recognized for his numerous contributions to improving safety within the attractions industry; his high level of integrity, fairness, and expertise; his dedication; and his efforts promoting the worldwide use, application, and adoption of the standards under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee F24.

ASTM International creates standards for numerous materials, products, test methods, and systems for a variety of industries. The ASTM Committee F24, formed in 1978, establishes standards on amusement ride design and manufacturing, testing, operation, maintenance, inspection, and quality assurances. The committee meets twice a year, usually in February and October, with approximately 250 members from around the world, who attend technical meetings across two or three days. The Committee has a membership base made up of approximately 800 members, including consumer advocates, government officials, amusement park operators and suppliers, and amusement ride operators. ASTM Committee F24 standards undergo frequent review and revision to keep up with the latest technologies. The standards of ASTM Committee F24 is one of the major sets of safety standards organizations on which IAAPA and its members work. Others include the European ride safety standard, EN 13814, and ISO 17842.

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