Association News - Membership - January 2019

Welcome New IAAPA Board Members

Board_Whiting_KenKen Whiting, ICAE
Second Vice Chair
President, Whiting’s Foods at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, United States

Ken Whiting, ICAE, has 40 years’ experience in the attractions industry and serves as president of his family’s business, Whiting’s Foods, which operates food and beverage locations at California’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and other venues. Additionally, Whiting provides guidance to venues around the world on increasing revenue and profits, and he works with attractions to improve workplace productivity, performance, and development of the next generation of employees. Whiting attended his first IAAPA Expo in 1979 and has since become a longtime committee volunteer and regular Expo and webinar presenter. In addition to his current role as a member of the IAAPA Board of Directors, he sits on the IAAPA North America Regional Advisory Committee and facilitates the IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers program.

Board_Gonzalez_FranceenFranceen Gonzales, ICAE
Executive Vice President of Business Development, WhiteWater, Canada

Franceen Gonzales, ICAE, is the executive vice president of business development for ­WhiteWater, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Gonzales is a 30-year industry veteran, starting with her first job as a pool technician and lifeguard. She later worked as a business executive and leader for Great Wolf Resorts, Six Flags, and Golfland Entertainment Centers, where she focused on building teams, creating effective operating protocols, developing and opening new water parks and resorts, and directing business growth strategies. She currently oversees a team serving WhiteWater clients in North and South America and the Caribbean. Gonzales has held leadership roles in numerous industry groups, including IAAPA and ASTM International.

Board_Molter_TedTed Molter, ICAE

Chief Marketing Officer, San Diego Zoo Global, United States

Ted Molter, ICAE, is the chief marketing officer for San Diego Zoo Global, where he is responsible for public relations, creative services, advertising and design, websites, publications, interpretation, sales, licensing, and partnership marketing activities that support the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. He joined San Diego Zoo Global in 1998 as associate marketing director and was promoted to director of marketing in 2002. Molter came to San Diego Zoo Global from SeaWorld Ohio, where he worked for 13 years. His involvement with IAAPA has included roles on the branding task force and as education and marketing committee chair, board member, and the founding foundation board chair. 

Board_Perialex_LucianaLuciana Periales, ICAE
CEO, Neverland, Argentina

Luciana Periales, ICAE, serves as CEO and a member of the board of directors for Neverland (Ares SA) company, which has established more than 34 family entertainment centers (FECs) in Argentina and Spain. Periales is responsible for global strategic, business development, operational, and performance affairs; developing new market entry strategies; budgeting; and ensuring the FECs achieve targeted performance indicators. Periales is a member of the IAAPA Latin America Regional Advisory Committee and the IAAPA Service Awards Committee. She was previously a member of the association’s family entertainment centers committee and strategic planning committee. Periales takes part in a variety of foundations and nongovernmental organizations focused on the development of healthy childhoods and family life, as well as conservation and health.

Board_Rashford_AnneAnne Rashford 
Director, Special Exhibitions and Business Partnerships, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, United States

Anne Rashford is the director of special exhibitions and business partnerships at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI). Through her more than 25 years of expertise in building relationships, event planning, and creating unique public experiences, Rashford has helped MSI build a new 21st century brand with an accomplished exhibit track record and helped lead the MSI exhibits team to select and secure groundbreaking exhibitions, create celebrations for museum milestones, and partner with organizations and individuals around the world. She served as chair of the IAAPA Museums and Science Centers Committee and was a member of the association’s membership and program planning committees.

Board_Riley_LukeLuke Riley
Senior Vice President of International Development, Village Roadshow, Hong Kong

Luke Riley is the senior vice president of international development for Village Roadshow and chair of the IAAPA Asia-Pacific Regional Advisory Committee. For the past 15 years, Riley has been working on the ground throughout multiple Asian countries. With a vast cultural understanding of tourism and leisure infrastructure projects throughout the region, he is at the forefront of industry trends, leading technologies and strategies to maximize growth within the attractions industry. Riley has helped drive Village Roadshow’s expansion across Asia, along with establishing and advancing regional standards for design, construction, and operational safety. Riley was the founding chair for both the IAAPA Asia-Pacific Government Relations Subcommittee and the IAAPA Asia-Pacific Manufacturers and Suppliers Subcommittee.

Board_Rippy_BobBob Rippy, ICAE

President, Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park/Wrightsville Farms Management Group Inc., United States

Before joining the attractions industry and becoming president of Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park in Wilmington, North Carolina, Bob Rippy, ICAE, held positions as a middle school science teacher, college visiting lecturer, car wash owner, and Wall Street executive. Rippy purchased Jungle Rapids in 1990, and today, it is a 16-acre family entertainment center (FEC) with a water park. Rippy has been an active member of IAAPA for many years, having served on the association’s FEC, membership, investment, executive, and strategic planning committees. In 2011, Rippy became the first IAAPA chairman of the board from the FEC constituency. Furthermore, Rippy has served on numerous community and philanthropic boards.

Board_Smart_AshAsh Smart, ICAE
Deputy Managing and Finance Director, Harbour Park, United Kingdom

Ash Smart, ICAE, has worked in many roles at his family’s attraction businesses, which have involved a touring big top show, seaside pier, and amusement park. After eight years as finance director, he added the role of deputy managing director at Harbour Park and runs the seaside park alongside his brother. Smart also currently serves on the IAAPA Investment Committee, IAAPA Hall of Fame and Archives Committee, and IAAPA Amusement Parks and Attractions Committee. He is also a member of the association’s global education and member services work group. Previous commitments include six years on the IAAPA Young Professionals Task Group, including two years as its chair, and three years on the IAAPA Global Membership Committee.