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Committee Member Listing

Volunteerism, cooperation, and the advancement of common goals are the cornerstones of any association. IAAPA is pleased to rely on the leadership of countless, hardworking industry professionals who dedicate their time and talents to making IAAPA a progressive, proactive, and strong organization.
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Strategic Committees
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Latin American Advisory - Safety Subcmt

Mr. Andres Vanegas Ruiz, ICAE
Committee Chair
Director Operativo
Carruseles S.A.
Bogota, --, Colombia

Mr. Antonio Manuel Baca Goicoechea
Committee Member
Todo de Feria
Naucalpan, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico

Mr. Carlos Schiaritti
Committee Member
Maintenance Manager
Parque de la Costa
Tigre, --, Argentina

Mr. Gerzan Ramirez
Committee Member
Ventura Entertainment Group
Cancún, --, Mexico

Mr. Martín Pagura
Committee Member
Lic En Seguridad E Hig
Martín Pagura
Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mr. Paulo Ricardo Maltauro
Committee Member
Maintenance Manager
Lars Empreendimentos dba Parque Da Monica
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Mrs. Luisa Fernanda Velasquez
Committee Member
Directora De Mantenimiento
Parque Del Café
Montenegro, --, Colombia

Ms. Paulina Reyes
Committee Member
Vice President
IAAPA Latin America
México, D.F., --, Mexico

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