General Inquiries

We'd love to hear from you. For general inquiries, contact the IAAPA Foundation at or reach out to one of our co-executive directors:

Tom Wages, Co-Executive Director
IAAPA Foundation 

Bobbie Wages, Co-Executive Director
IAAPA Foundation

IAAPA Foundation Board of Directors

Cooper, Jane2


  Jane Cooper, Chair
Herschend Family Entertainment 

Eicher, Deb2

  Deborah Eicher, Board Member
Eicher Leisure Consultants                             

Lindsey, Phil

  Phil Lindsey, Board Member

  John McReynolds, Board Member
Universal Orlando

  Tom Mehrmann, Board Member
Universal Beijing
OBrien, Tim

  Tim O'Brien, Board Member
Casa Flamingo
Hal McEvoy

  Hal McEvoy, Board Member
Seay, Jim

  Jim Seay, Board Member
Premier Rides
 Serff, Paul

  Paul Serff, Board Member
Serff Group

 Clark, Sandy

Sandy Clark, Board Member


 Gutglas, Marcelo
Marcelo Gutglas, Board Member