Presentations for education sessions at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 will be available in PDF format on this page where provided by speakers. Presentations are continuously being added so please check this page frequently. 

Monday, November 13

9 AM - 10:15 AM
Food and Beverage Mini Case Studies: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Bernie Campbell, ICAE; Jonathan Vigue, ICAE; Mike Holtzman; Shannon Seip
Games and Retail Innovations: Creations and Trends in 2017
Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Brad Loxley; James Mayall
HR Creates: Set Expectations to Get the Results You Want
Heather Barnes, M.A.; Kristen Mulady; Nicole Walker
Introduction to IAAPA’s Facility Excellence Assessment Tool
Robert Minnick
Redemtion Rally
Chris Barker; David Katz; Joseph Camarota III; Justin Ripp; Nicholas Dimatteo
Working Drones in Attractions: Efficiency, Challenges and Safety
Lisa Ellman; Lucas Castagna
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM 
Combating Fraud at Your Attraction
Christina Gilchrist; Mark Berlin; Randy Josselyn, ICAE; Randy Ross
Creating a Culture of Safety
Drew Tewksbury
Creating Entertainment Spectaculars, Special Events and Festivals within Your Budget
Barb Granter; Christine Kerr; Chuck Davis; Mark Hervat; Michael Jung
FEC Power Promotions
Rosie Salas; Sheryl Bindelglass; Dorothy Lewis
Marketing Creates: The Essentials of Reputation Management
Sara Brady
Water Park Specialty Food and Beverage Products and Branded Programs
Albert Cabuco, ICAE; Bill Lentz; Vern Gassen
12 PM - 2 PM
Lunch and Learn: Featuring Bob White from Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Bob White
2 PM - 3:15 PM
51 Ways to Improve Food and Beverage Operations
Mike Holtzman
Experience Design: Emerging New Paradigms
Abby Coombs; Eddie Newquist; Nancy Seruto; Vaki Mawema
Marketing Creates: Marketing Platforms, Content Tools and Scalable Programs
Mike Wente
Point-of-Sale System Decision Making for FECs
Marc A. Pollack; Michael MacDonald
Promoting Your Events on Social Media to Knock Them out of the Water Park!
Hannah Paramore; Maggie Warner
Supervisor Development 2.0 – Next Steps for Managing the Transition from Frontline Employee to Supervisor
Matt Heller, ICAE
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Accelerating Souvenir Revenue
Jim Weigl; Joseph Leung, ICAE
An Afternoon with Aquatic Industry Leaders
Chris Perry, ICAE; Melissa Teates, CAE; Ron Sutula; Scott Deisley
Building a Successful Food and Beverage Training Program
Albert Cabuco, ICAE; Alex Curavo, ICAE; Stephen Hanna, ICAM
Girls: Powering the Market
Ashley Eckstein; Meg Lowman; Melissa Felder; Yvonne De La Peña
HR Creates: Easy-to-Implement Recruitment Tools
David Gray; John Jachim, ICAE; Ken Whiting, ICAE; Kerra Hubbard; Samantha Annis, ICAL; Sonya Shannon, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Implementing a Systematic Approach to Safety in Your FEC
David Novstrup, ICAE; Drew Tewksbury
Safe Ride Manufacturing, Design and IP
5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
2017 in Review: Emerging Trends in Immersive Design
Cynthia Sharpe; Shawn McCoy
Digital Payments - Everything You Need to Know from A to V
Group Sales for FECs, Small Parks and Water Parks: Tips from the Pros
Annaliese Morgan; Beth Standlee
HR Creates: A Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
Angela Lagos; David Gray 
Marketing Creates: Essential Brand Design Elements
Hannah Paramore 
Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Systems for Show Entertainment 
Billy Vinton; Brian Morrow; Kevin Kreczko; Kyle Banuelos

Tuesday, November 14

12 PM - 2 PM
FEC Lunch: Optimal FEC Operations
Gary Fawks; Jeffrey Benson; Jeremy Hoyum
Latin American Conference and Lunch: Challenges, Trends and the Future of Our Industry in Latin America
Cesar Lago; Daniel Catzman, ICAE; Eduardo Albor; Gerardo Arteaga, ICAE; Marcelo Beraldo Da Silva, ICAL; Murilo Pascoal
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
Birthday Party Packaging for Profit
Beth Standlee; Kyle Allison, ICAE
CEO Speaks
Jim Pattison, Jr., ICAE; John Wood; Matt Heller, ICAE; Matthias Li, ICAE; Xavier Lopez Ancona
Food Safety First
Rob Gordon, ICAM
How to Estimate, Calculate and Audit Return on Investment for New Attractions, Exhibits and Enhancements
Chris Perry, ICAE; Claudette Vogelsang; Donna Powell; Franceen Gonzales; Vanessa Lewis
Marketing Creates: The Next Trend in Social Media Platforms, Tools and Products
Frank Vertolli; Ryan Fitzgerald; Sondra Woods
Water Parks Revenue Generation Techniques
Chris Donohue; Darryl Jackson; Mark Bingeman; Sylvain Lauzon
HR Creates: Use Improv to Create Exceptional Experiences
Ann Tanner; Carla Thacker; Heather Barnes, M.A.; Tori Arden
5 PM - 6:15 PM
Creating the Ideal Entry Experience: Emerging Trends in Access Control
Jarrid Vaughn; Matthew Hoenstine
How to Bridge the Gap between Marketing and Operations to Deliver the Best Guest Experience at Your Park
Andy McNeely; Julie Wilson
How to Sleep Better at Night: Lessons Learned from an Aquatic Incident Lawsuit
Gareth Hedges; Jeffrey Johnson, Esq.; Michael Oostman; Robert Cordier
Managing Conflict at Your FEC
Beth Standlee; Laura O'Neal
Marketing Creates: The Building Blocks of Group Sales – How to Build a Team, Train Them and Create a Strategy for Success
Alanna Montoya; Marc Gran; Rosie Shepard
Teetering on the Edge of Innovation: Managing Growth and Challenging Business as Usual
Chase Rynd; Chris Rizzo; Lindy Hoyer; Ray Giang
Young Professionals: Welcome to the Industry Forum
Kyle Allison, ICAE; Marika Barranco; Will Barrett Morey, ICAE; Samantha Dawson  

Wednesday, November 15

9 AM - 10:15 AM
Food and Beverage Journey to Success: A Panel of Distinction
Andrew Ngo; Bob Amoruso, ICAE; Lenny Freund; Tony Rodriguez
Games Arcades 101: Simple Systems to Maximize Success
Curt Lindbert; Mike Abecassis
Marketable Capital Investments for Water Parks
Alan Mahony; Frederic Bouvard; Myra Wood, ICAE
Marketing Creates: Today’s Teens — Who Are They and How to Market to Them
Heidi Fleischer Moltner; James Geiser
Risk Assessment: Of course, but how?
Gianni Chiari; Kevin Russell; Linda Freeman; Philipp Geering
HR Creates: The HR Learning Lab — Creating Employee Recognition Programs
Ann-Maree O’Neill; Janice Jokkel; Shaun McKeogh, ICAE
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
2017 Food and Beverage Trends
Bernie Campbell, ICAE; Terry Riddle, ICAE
Animal Welfare: Trends, Issues, and Strategies
Jackie Ogden, Ph.D.; Jill Mellen, Ph.D.; Jim Hekkers
Creative Solutions for Managing Emotionally Charged Situations
Jason White, CPP; Laura Woodburn, ICAE
Marketing Creates: Make E-Commerce Work for You!
Bruno Baldacci; Eric Pastoor; Massimiliano Freddi
The Business of Photo Operations: Technology, Innovation and the Future
Henry Tyson; Lynton Barriball; Philip Barbie 
12 PM - 2 PM
Amusement Parks and Attractions Constituency Lunch and Keynote Address featuring Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper
FEC Lunch: Making Marketing Meaningful: An FEC Operators' Guide
Curtis Parks; James Saxe; Julie Dion
Water Park Operator's Roundtable Lunch
David Derda; David Kneupper; Jason Arthur 
3:30 PM - 6:15 PM
Applying Humanity in Attraction Design and Operation
Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Chris Spaudling; Jon Whitehead
Family Matters: How to Work in a Family Owned and Operated Company
Chloe Hausfeld; Geoff Chutter; Keith James; Paul Chutter; Philip Wilson; Will Barrett Morey, ICAE; Will Morey 
Food and Beverage Experiential Dining for Generation Y and Z
Bryon Bustamante; Tina Griffith 
From Bytes to Bliss: Using Technology to Enhance the Guest Experience
Brian Morrow; Jeff Prystajko; Randy Josselyn, ICAE 
HR Creates: Techniques to Address Gender Issues in the Workplace
Cynthia Sharpe; Nikky Rossini; Trent Oliver 

Thursday, November 16

9 AM - 10:15 AM
Creating Exciting Attractions by Making Spaces Immersive, Experiential and Sensory
Gordon Grice; Joel Beckerman; Rachel Rotella; Scott Lukas
Hot, New Attractions: What’s Right for Your FEC                
Bob Cooney; Collin Kerschner; Craig Buster; Marc Wiese
HR Creates: Understanding of Generational Differences in the Workplace
John Jachim, ICAE; Matt Heller, ICAE
Marketing Creates: Easy-to-Implement Guest Engagement Programs
Heather Brinckerhoff; Jennifer Ross, ICAE; Jordan Carter
Technology Trends in the Food Industry
Greg Edelson; Siobhan Wright
Vision + Mission = Branding (English Version) (Version en español)
Manuel Morales, Jr., ICAE    
12 PM - 2 PM
FEC Lunch: Many Happy Returns: How to Make Your Birthday Parties Profitable
Barry Zelickson; Beth Standlee; Evelyne Villame; Michael Browning
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
How to Address New Security Challenges while Maintaining a Superior Guest Experience
Brian Knoebel; Lisa Dolev, PH.D.
HR Creates: Virtual Reality and Other Technology Applications for HR Managers
Mary Ann Bucklan
Laser Tag: New Technology, VIP Programs and More
Barry Zelickson; Jeff Swanlund; Ryan D'Amico
Merchandise Design Studio: Creating a Next-Level Retail Operation
Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Brad Loxley
No Theater? No Problem! Exploring Alternatives to Stage-Based Entertainment
Scott Swenson
Raising the Bar: Mixing Adult Beverages in a Kids’ World
Suzanne Hewitt-Wallace; Vern Gassen 
Understanding Autism in the Theme Park Industry
Mike Pastor 
5 PM - 6:15 PM
HR Creates: Engagement Strategies for the Emerging Workforce
Michael Getlan; Samantha Annis, ICAL; Sheryl Bindelglass
Menu Makeover: How One FEC Owner Reformatted their Food Operation and How You Can Too
Barry Zelickson; Jonah Sandler; Ken Whiting, ICAE
Pick Your Price: How Dynamic Pricing Can Work For Your Attraction
Greg Loewen; John Chideste; Lisa Townsend; Mike Crowther; Ryan Jeffery
Retail Creative Sustainability: Make a Statement Through Product Innovation from Start to Sale
Adrea Gibbs, ICAE
Service Animals and Increasing Access
Erik Beard; Rachael Stafford, Esq.; Robert Minnick

Friday, November 17

9 AM - 10:30 AM
Game Changer: Creating a Culture of Innovation in Your Organization
Duncan Wardle
9 AM - 12 PM
Incident Management Symposium: Mind the Gap! Emergency Planning In Attractions   
Chris Gantz                   
10:45 AM - 12 PM
Big Ideas for Little Budgets? Creating Promotions that Won’t Break Your Bank
Beth Standlee; Sheryl Bindelglass                 
HR Creates: An Introductory Workshop to Presentation Skills
David Kinne