Presentations for education sessions at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 will be available in PDF format on this page where provided by speakers. Presentations are continuously being added so please check this page frequently. 

Monday, November 16

9 AM - 10:15 AM
Creating Events That Get Your Water Park Noticed
Speaker: Christina Miranda
FEC: Town Hall Birthday Party Forum
Speakers: Brian Cohen; Cesar Lago; Marc Pollack; Carla Clark; Colleen Wyatt
Food and Beverage (F&B) Journey to Success - A Panel of Distinction
Speakers: Albert Cabuco, ICAE; Ken Whiting, ICAE; Bob Amoruso; Tony Rodriguez 
HR Matters: Developing a Culture for Your Facility
Speakers: Ann Tanner; Heather Barnes; Carla Thacker
Museums and What? Strange Bedfellows to Drive Revenue and Attendance 
Speakers: Angie Flaminiano; Paul Newman; Ron Foth, Jr.; Kim Moore; Robert "Mac" West
The Guest is Always Right: Is This Possible for Our Industry 
Speaker: Yvonne Bustamante, ICAL
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM 
FEC Events and Promotions
Speakers: Collin Kerschner; Paden Woodburn; Mark Bingeman
Fraud in the FEC: General Information and Process Management
Speakers: Emiliano Rufeil; Luciana Periales
HR Matters: Performance Feedback – Tricks of the Trade
Speaker: Chris Deere, ICAE
Live Performers: Injury Prevention, Wellness, and Return to Stage
Speakers: Liz Penn, DPT, CIMT
Risky Business: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
Speakers: Doug Harris; Melanie Herman; Leah Van Der Mei
What's Trending in Water Park Food and Beverage Stands and Retail Shops
Speakers: Greg Morrow; Steve Cohen; Robert Cordier; Tiffany Roberts
12 PM - 2 PM
Lunch and Learn: Disney Springs from Concept to Completion (slides unavailable)
Speakers: Jeffrey Abraham; Maribeth Bisienere
2 PM - 3:15 PM
2016 Food and Beverage Trends
Speakers: Bernie Campbell, ICAE; Terry Riddle; Ken Withers
Arcade 101: Fundamentals of FEC Success
Speakers: Brian Cohen; Joe Ingui; Jeff Ernst
Ask and Learn about the Model Aquatics Health Code (MAHC) 
Speaker: Douglas Sackett
Creating and Elevating Consumer Events
Speakers: Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Nancy Hutson; Tony Moore; Joe Whitcher; Todd Hougland
HR Matters: Tools for Managing the Transition from Frontline Employee to Supervisor
Speakers: Matt Heller (HANDOUT)
Successful Integrated Marketing: The Right Tools For a Great Campaign 
Speaker: Maggie Warner; Rob Reed
To Reach or Not to Reach? When Reaching for New Audiences is Worth the Effort, and When it's Not 
Speakers: Brad Harris; David Rosenberg, ICAE; Dave Cobb; Maureen Chen
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
An Afternoon with Aquatic Leaders
Speakers: Brian Sands; Christoph Kiessling; Chris Perry; Kenneth Ellis
Building Great Group Sales for Your FEC
Speaker: Beth Standlee
Emerging Trends in Immersive Design: 2016 in Review
Speakers: Cynthia Sharpe; Shawn McCoy
Entertainment Design Seminar
Darrel Maloney; Linda Batwin; Tom Cluff; Jeremy Doucette; Ryan Stana
Portrait of the American Attractions Visitor
Speakers: Kerry Cannon; Steve Cohen
Treating Employees Like Family to Achieve Outstanding Customer Service 
Speaker: Daniel Catzman
HR Matters: The Big Recruitment Workshop
Speaker: Sheryl Bindelglass  
5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
Crisis Communications - A Look Inside and Out
Speaker: Sara Brady
HR Matters: Think Global; Act Local
Speaker: Tony Lines

Tuesday, November 17

12 PM - 2 PM
FEC Lunch: Entrepreneurial Operational System (EOS) Initiatives
Speakers: Chris White
Latin American Conference and Lunch
Speaker: Mauro Sousa
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
A Capital Idea for Water Parks
Speakers: Myra Wood; Tony Brancazio; Ray Delaughter
CEO Speaks
Speakers: Chris Deere, ICAE; John Duffey; Eli Stovall; Matt Heller
Creating a Profitable Future for your FEC
Speakers: Janice Jokkel; Rick Heim; Melissa Teates, CAE
F&B Mini Case Studies: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Speakers: Alex Curavo; Michael Henninger; Bernie Campbell, ICAE; Mike Holtzman
Fraud, Fraudsters, and Employee Theft
Speakers: Dana Chmiel; Phyllis Calloway; Randy Ross; Thomas Blackman; Eric Meixler; Randy Josselyn; Sylvia Matiko
Midway Games: Lessons in Creating an Environment
Speakers: Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Annika Troselius; Kevin Moritis; Alan Kanter; Craig Platt
Operational Compliance Under the U.S. Americans with Disability Act
Speaker: Erik Beard
The Value of Volume: Maximizing Sales
Speakers: Rhonda Khabir 
HR Matters: HR for Non-HR Managers
Speakers: John Jachim 
5 PM - 6:15 PM
F&B for Your FEC
Speakers: Barry Zelickson; Steve Cohen; Nick Moore; Wayne Stancil
F&B Preparing for Generation Y and Z
Speakers: Bryon Bustamante; Terry Riddle; Siobhan Wright
IAAPA Hall of Fame Panel
Speakers: Bob Rogers, Richard Nunis, Dick Kinzel
Midway Games: Design on a Dime
Speakers: Brad Loxley; Eric Meixler
Using Technology to Defend Claims Against Amusement and Water Parks
Speakers: Erik Beard; Steve Fram; Heather Eichenbaum
Young Professionals: Welcome to the Industry Forum
Speakers: George Panton; Will Morey, ICAE; Marika Barranco

Wednesday, November 18

9 AM - 10:15 AM
Arcade 201 - The Sixth Sense          
Speaker: Mike Abecassis
Creating Spaces with the Senses to Develop a First Class Guest Experience
Speakers: Gordon Grice; Joel Beckerman
Guests Are Depending on YOU: Responsible Food Practices and Programs
Speakers: Jose Lule; Rob Gordon; ICAM; Vern Gassen; Lisa Musician, RD, LDN; Siobhan Wright
How New Technology is Changing the Landscape of the Guest Experience
Speakers: Brian Morrow; Jeff Prystajko; Tony Clark; Eric Boen; Randy Josselyn
HR Matters: Build a Training Culture through the Leadership and Executive Team 
Speakers: Mimi Fu; Tom Mehrmann, ICAE
Merchandise: One Good Display
Speakers: Adrea Gibbs, ICAE; Gary Popp, ICAE
Video Production Techniques: Low Cost, High Returns
Speakers: Jason McCollim; Scott Brown 
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Alcohol Sales: Are they Right for Your Facility?
Speakers: Bret Pfost; Suzanne Hewitt
Buzz Off: Drone Usage and U.S. Regulation for the Attractions Industry
Speaker: Eric Beard 
12 PM - 2 PM
FEC Lunch: Facility Tweaks, Enhancements, and Improvements that Make a Difference
Speakers: Barry Zelickson; Brian Cohen
3:30 PM - 6:15 PM
Legends 2016: The Making of Shanghai Disney Resort (slides unavailable)
Speakers: Bob Rogers; Craig Russell; Nancy Seruto; Bob Weis; Marty Sklar

Thursday, November 19

9 AM - 10 AM
Canadian Breakfast
Speakers: Samuel Grenier; Eamon Connor                                                                                      
Asia Pacific Breakfast 
Presentations: June Ko, Shaun McKeogh, Rachmat Sutiono, Thomas Ngo  
9 AM - 10:15 AM
Can You See It? Identifying the Hidden Risks in Your FEC
Speakers: Drew Tewksbury
Experiences with Drones: Opportunities and Challenges       
Speakers: Lisa Ellman                 
HR Matters: Employee Recognition Program Ideas Across the Industry of Fun
Speakers: Shaun McKeogh
Increasing Revenue with Mobile Technology
Speakers: Michael McSparran; Tim Carrier
PR Boot Camp 2016
Speakers: Brett Meister; Mindy Bianca; Lisa Rau; Scott Fais
Social Media Considerations for Employees  
Speakers: Kevin McNulty (HANDOUT)           
U.S. Space & Rocket Center – A Food and Beverage Case Study
Speakers: Ken Whiting, ICAE; Lenny Freund 
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Managing Emotionally Charged Situations
Speaker: Laura Woodburn
12 PM - 2 PM
FEC Lunch: Big Changes, Giant Impact!
Speakers: Craig Wescott; Gary Fawks, ICAE; Marc Pollack; Doug Davidson; Kyle Allison, ICAL
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM
HR Matters: Building a Diverse Workforce and Leadership Team
Speaker: Tim Berry
Laser Tag Battleground (slides unavailable)
Speakers: Barry Zelickson; Jeff Swanlund; Sean Cope; Jeff Schilling; Ryan D'Amico
Managing Partnerships for a Top Quality Experience
Speakers: Andrew Fischer; Ken Whiting, ICAE; Jom Covel; Wes Smart, ICAE
Retail: Little Revenue Makers Can Mean Big Bucks
Speaker: Adrea Gibbs, ICAE  
Securing Data and Technology at Your Attraction
Speakers: Chris Blackman; James Mosieur; Christina Gilchrist
Technology in Attractions: Guest Experiences, Safety and Beyond
Speakers: Ben Story, Stacy Ososkie; Phil Royle 
5 PM - 6:15 PM
51 Ways to Improve F&B Operations
Speaker: Mike Holtzman
Exploring Security Best Practices For Amusement Parks and Attractions
Speakers: Dan Rimmer; Tim Shellenberger; Jason Freeman; Todd McGhee
HR Matters: Designing the Ultimate Employment Experience                                           
Speakers: Jayson Maxwell; Matt Heller                                                                                 
Merchandise: Disney’s Approach to Prescriptive Analytics (slides unavailable)
Speakers: Adam Cohn; Chad Stroup  
Young Professionals: Mid-Level Managers Roundtable (slides unavailable)
Speakers: Doug Akers, ICAE; Taryn Eisenman; Erin Wiley; Victor Danau 

Friday, November 20

9 AM - 10:30 AM
Game Changer: Zappos, Using Culture to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences          
Speaker: Jon Wolske
9 AM - 12 PM
Incident Management Symposium: Facilitating Your Tabletop Exercise
Speakers: Thomas Uretsky; Wes Walker