Golf Pros Debut Versatile Inflatable Simulator

By Mike Bederka


The new inflatable golf simulator by Golf Pro Delivered (Booth #3083) can let people try to hit a hole-in-one in nearly any environment. Created by two professional golfers, the portable, weatherproof attraction works anywhere from corporate events to parties to stationary locations.“You could set it up in a downpour and still play golf,” said co-founder Nicolas Miller, who’s exhibiting at the Expo for the first time.
Broken down, the climate-controlled simulator is about the size of a large garbage can. It inflates in less than two minutes and can be fully set up in about 45 minutes.
“Instead of committing to one spot, you can take it down when you don’t think it’s going to be used,” Miller said. “Or you can move it to wherever the action will be.”
Plus, players can expect an authentic experience from the simulator, he noted. The technology mirrors what Miller and company co-founder Jeffrey Wibben used to improve their golf games.