Six Flags, Skyline Attractions Reveal Skywarp Coaster Vehicle

By Keith Miller

Skyline_Attractions and Six Flags Unveil New Ride
Skyline Attractions (Booth #5820) on Tuesday teamed with Six Flags to uncover the ride vehicle for the world’s first Skywarp roller coaster, opening in 2018 at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.
To be called the “Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster,” the ride is touted by Skyline as “maniacal”—a coaster featuring 12 dueling flybys and 12 head-over-heels inversions along the vertically oriented figure-8 track. Its two trains, seating a total of 32 riders, simultaneously travel around the two loops and pass one another a dozen times during these continuous inversions.
“Six Flags came to us and asked, ‘Can you give us something that has never been done before?’ and we said, ‘Yes we can!’” declared Jeff Pike, president of Skyline Attractions. “It’s the world’s first dueling looping coaster, the very first and only one of its kind on Earth, and we aren’t using regular roller coaster wheels—these are 16-inch high-performance wheels.”