S&S-Sansei to Revive Classic Arrow ‘Steeplechase’

By Keith Miller

S&S Press Event

In 1977, Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, England, opened “Steeplechase,” a unique Arrow Dynamics ride that first debuted at Knott’s Berry Farm a year earlier. Forty years later, the Blackpool coaster is still in operation. The attraction remains so popular that it spurred a Tuesday press conference by S&S-Sansei (Booth #2217), where the ride manufacturer announced it is reviving the classic Arrow coaster. The company is showcasing a concept vehicle, shaped like a horse, in its booth this week.
S&S-Sansei’s Pete Barto said, “It is not a matter of just making the same thing. We want to keep the ride experience exciting and fun, but to update it and the restraints. Our [new] lapbar restraint reduces the minimum height requirement from 55 inches to 42 inches. We want to stay with a chainlift and also have a mobius loop.”
Barto noted S&S-Sansei hopes to bring back the great feel of some of the classic Arrow rides, and “Steeplechase” marks the first effort to revive some of those vintage designs. www.engineeringexcitement.com