Dynamic Attractions Unveils ‘All-Terrain Dark Ride’

By Michael Switow

Using proprietary military technology, Dynamic Attractions (Booth #1073) has developed a groundbreaking autonomous, trackless dark ride vehicle that can climb and descend steep banks (up to 30 degrees), traverse rough ground like boulders and temple ruins, and even make airtime jumps.  Multiple self-driving vehicles can be deployed in the same attraction; riders never know where their car is headed, because each one may go in a different direction.
“No dark ride vehicle has ever been able to do what this vehicle can do,” said Dynamic Attractions CEO Guy Nelson. “This brings the thrilling, all-terrain movement and agility to an intense, theme park-style adventure.”
“No track, no rails, no rules,” said Dynamic Attractions Senior Vice President George Walker.  “We are able to intentionally put you in seemingly precarious and thrilling situations, but in reality, we are always in complete control.”  Dynamic Attractions has exclusive rights to the military-grade, ultra-wideband positioning system that makes this possible.  
In an optional twist, riders can also take over at the steering wheel. If they come too close to another vehicle or an obstacle that can not be traversed, like a wall, the system overrides them.
Pricing for the ride is “much more affordable than you would think,” Walker said. “Pretty much anyone doing half a million people a year should be in the market for this.”