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Pictures of Show Ambassadors from past Asian Attractions Expos

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"The ambassador program gave me more than anything I ever could have imagined. I learned more than any class in college that I ever took and made incredible friendships with amazing people. Not only do you get the immersion in the industry with like-minded industry professionals and leaders, but get the chance to build strong relationships with friends or contacts. No doubt it's an exhausting week, but this is hands-down one of the best weeks of my life and I didn't want it to end."
-2016 Ambassador

picture-atcomputer"Come in with an open mind, a willingness to help, an abundance of energy, and you have prepared yourself for the experience of a lifetime."
-2015 Ambassador

"Sleep when you can. Plan ahead. Stay focused. Try the beavertails. Oh, and make sure your shoes are comfy. You'll most likely be wearing them for 7 days straight."
-Advice to Future Ambassadors

"It's a week you will never forget. You will meet new friends, experience amazing things, and be a part of something truly magical. Enjoy ever second of the week because it will be the best week of your life."
-2015 Ambassador

"Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things because you never know where those experiences can take you in life."
-Advice to Future Ambassadors

2014 Ambassador Group Photo

14Ambassadors3"I loved my experience as an IAAPA ambassador. It allowed me to make friends all over the world, make connections with industry professionals, learn more about the amusement industry, all while learning more about myself."
-2014 Ambassador

"Enjoy this week as much as you can. From what I can tell you today it really can change your life. As we say in spanish Sacale el jugo a esta semana por que de verdad vale la pena!"
-Advice for Future Ambassadors


"The ambassador program is an incredible opportunity that allows participants to learn about the synergy between the different areas of the amusement industry, gain experience, network with industry professionals and make life long friends while working as a team to accomplish a common goal."
-2014 Ambassador

"The IAAAmbassadors Volunteer at Give Kids the World charityPA Ambassador Program has helped me grow as a person. I have much more confidence in myself since I began working as an Ambassador several years ago. I'm inspired by other Ambassadors because each team member brings something unique, interesting, often quirky, and something wonderful to the team! It's helped me to see this industry in even a "bigger picture" way and every year I discover different reasons why I'm so thankful to get to work in the industry of FUN!"
  -2013 Ambassador

Ambassador 2012 training session

"This program is life-changing!! Not only do we get to experience what it was like to be a part of this insanely large-scaled Trade Show, we also got to meet industry leaders and more importantly, built strong friendships and connections with the entire team! We met as strangers, worked together as partners, and ended the program as brothers & sisters (or really close friends)!"
-2013 Ambassador


"When they say 'It's the best week of your life,' listen. They are being 100% honest!"
-2013 Ambassador
"Come in with an open mind, a willingness to help, an abundance of energy, and you have prepared yourself for the experience of a lifetime."
-Advice for Future Ambassadors
Ambassador working at an education seminar

"Be ready to work! While IAAPA Show Ambassadors will undergo a week of hard work, being an Ambassador is one of the most valuable opportunities any student starting a career in this industry can take advantage of. Through training, team bonding, and networking, this program definitely helped me to grow as a professional in this industry."
- 2012 Ambassador


"Be ready for a nonstop, wild, roller coaster ride of excitement, hard work, and fun!"

-2012 Ambassador



"Ambassadors are challenged to work hard; but those who rise to the challenge are rewarded with fun, great memories, career contacts, and new friends!"
-2011 Ambassador

"The IAAPA Attractions Expo was more than I could ever have imagined. It was more fun, more experiences, more responsibilities and more networking, than I ever thought one could do in a week."
- 2011 Ambassador


Ambassadors thanked by IAAPA Executives

"The outstanding work of the previous Ambassador teams has earned the gratitude and recognition of IAAPA Executives, board members, and industry leaders."
-2010 Ambassador

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