Tips To Become A Better Speaker

Build a better PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be very effective as long as presenters use slides that provide visual support to a lively presentation. PowerPoint slides should complement a presentation, not take the place of it, nor serve as a script for it. You are encouraged to find opportunities for audience interaction and unique ways to engage audience members. 

You will find advice and tips for creating better PowerPoint presentations here

 Design Templates

For your presentation at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012, we welcome you to use this PowerPoint design template that is based on this year's artwork and theme. Open the Template link below, save it to your computer, and build your PowerPoint presentation exclusively for IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012!

Download a PowerPoint Template

Understand your Audience

Who attends the IAAPA Attractions Expo?

Last year, an estimated 25,000 people attended IAAPA Attractions Expo 2011. Attendees included over 14,000 buyers from over 100 nations.

The majority of attendees represent one or more of the following constituency areas:
*Manufacturers and Suppliers
*Theme Parks & Amusement Parks
*Family Entertainment Centers
*Zoos & Aquariums
*Museums & Science Centers
*Small Parks and Attractions
*Resorts & casinos 

What do attendees expect?

Attendees value openness and diversity of thinking as they tackle real issues in the attractions industry. They want substance and knowledge they can immediately put into practice. People are looking for new ways to solve their current challenges and for ways to propel their organizations forward. They are expecting a great idea or two to come out of your session. Don’t be afraid to ask them what ideas they heard during your session. It is a good way for them to interact – and to learn from one another at the close of your session.

Attendees expect the session description found IAAPA's website, in the brochure, and in the on-site guide to match what you deliver. Please be sure what you speak on reflects what is promised. Should something change as you further develop the content for your session, please let the Expo education team know as soon as possible.

In addition, while you are definitely the content leader in the room, there is probably a wealth of knowledge within the audience, too. Allow attendees to ask questions, network, and engage with one another. Remember that attendees want to learn from you. Great presenters engage their audience and talk with them, not at them.

Finally, your audience members expect a handout that they can download after the session, which will help them to remember the key points and lessons you presented.

How many people will be in your education session?

The average sessions have had between 70-100 attendees. Some will have more; some will have less.

What to Expect: Statistics from a recent IAAPA Attractions Expo Education Program

Attendance at all the education program events included a total of nearly 9,000 seats filled at seminars, tours, roundtables, Institute programs, and other events. Attendance at Monday’s constituency education tracks frequently accounts for more than 40% of total attendance during the week. Keep in mind, Monday is the only full day of education programs, which skews that figure. Attendance generally varies by seminar, but remains strong throughout the week with over 150 people attending the Friday morning Symposium in 2011.

More than half of 2011 program attendees were owners or senior managers in the industry.

Conference Follow-Up

Attendees will be asked to complete brief evaluation forms at each seminar. The results of session evaluations will be distributed via IAAPA committees 8-10 weeks after the event. Please contact your coordinating committee member in mid-January if you are interested in the results.