Speakers' Handouts

IAAPA has an environmental commitment to reduce the amount of waste produced by the Expo and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. To this end, the Expo education program is paperless. Electronic handouts will be available to attendees online during and after the program. Attendees will also receive the Conference and Trade Show Program, which includes all session titles, descriptions, room numbers, and speaker listings.

Please prepare your session with the assumption that attendees will not have your materials in front of them during your session. Some will have downloaded and printed your handouts in advance of arriving at the conference, and others will access the information after the fact and simply take their own notes.

To make the program as valuable as possible for the attendees, IAAPA encourages presenters to make at least one resource available per session.

What might these resources be?
  • Charts and graphs
  • Websites where people can find out more information on the topic
  • Articles on the topic
  • Background information, such as historical summaries
  • A "Great Ideas List" with quick takeaways from your presentation
  • A sample document or template that helps attendees implement new processes without starting from scratch
  • A whitepaper
  • Other resources you think could be helpful—remember to share your ideas with other speakers, too!
  • Include examples, models, samples, checklists, articles, and other resources. Handouts will be included in our Knowledge Center at www.IAAPA.org and provide year-round advice and guidance to the industry.

Still looking for ideas on how to develop your handout (particularly if your slide presentation is not finalized yet)? 
Speaker David Kahn has agreed to share his seminar handout in advance to illustrate one approach for offering a useful resource for attendees. View the sample handout here.

All items should be submitted to IAAPA by Oct. 15, 2012. Please submit yours as soon as possible! 

Handout Recommendations:

  • Please limit your handout to 20 pages.
  • Work with your copresenters to develop one cohesive handout.
  • Use IAAPA templates when developing your handouts.
  • Include your contact information at the beginning or end only if you want participants to follow up with you directly. This is not required.
  • Please convert all handouts to PDF before uploading.

Ready to submit your handouts?

Before submitting, PLEASE label each file with both your name and your seminar title.

Small files (under 2MB) may be emailed to IAAPA.

Send files over 2MB (but under 2Gig), to our YouSendIt account.