Location and Date

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China
Conference: 11-14 June 2019
Trade Show: 12 - 14 June 2019

Exhibitor Services Guide

This Guide contains all the forms and necessary information you need to plan for your exhibit at IAAPA Expo Asia!

It is the responsibility of each exhibiting company and their personnel to abide by the rules, regulations and policies governing IAAPA Expo Asia. The information contained in this Guide is an extension of each exhibitor’s space contract. 

Questions about the information contained in the Guide can be directed to the individual vendor, as outlined on the Contacts document, or to exhibitors@IAAPA.org.

General Information
Important Show Information 重要展会信息
Schedule - 展会流程
Deadlines 截止日期 
Exhibit Hall Floor Plans 展厅平面图
Show & Vendor Contacts 展会及承办商联络人讯息
Safety Guidelines (安全指南)
Best Exhibit Awards- New for 2019!  最佳展位大奖 - 2019年新增!

Actionable Items
Audience Participation Safety Form 观众参与安全表格 
Booth Design/Layout Form 展会设计/ 平面图表格
Insurance Requirements & Provider 保险要求及保险提供商
Login to submit the above required forms 登入以递交所需交件 
Registration & Badges - Exhibitors 参展商登记及胸牌 │ Exhibitor Registration site
Exhibit Profile 参展商简介
Registration - Guests & Prospects 登记 - 嘉宾和潜在客户│ Exhibitor Guest Registration site

Raw Space/Non-Official Contractors
Raw Space/Modified Shell Scheme Exhibitors - 光地参展商 / 标改参展商
Non-Official/Exhibitor Appointed Contractors 非大会指定/ 参展商指定承办商要求

Shell Scheme Info
Shell Scheme Exhibitors - 给标准展位的重要信息
Shell Scheme Diagrams 标准展位图
Panel Dimensions 展位面板尺寸

Services Order Forms                                                                PAY BY CREDIT CARD
AMC Terms & Payment Info - AMC租用条款与细则                      ONLINE ORDERING
Audio-Visual & Computer - 影音设备                                             AVAILABLE FOR AMC!
Air, Water, Drain Service - 压缩空气, 生活用水, 排水服务            (password is IAAPA Co. ID)
Carpet - 地毯
Electrical - 电源租订
Floral/Plants 花卉/ 植物
Furnishings - 傢俱
Graphics/Printing - 喷画制作
Internet - 网络
Interpreters/Translation - 即时传译员
Lead Retrieval - 扫瞄器租订表格
Lighting - 租赁额外照明及供电设施
Rigging - Hanging Signs - 吊点悬挂
Shipping/Freight Forwarder/On-Site Handling 货运/ 现场装卸
Telecommunications - 电信服务
Transportation Pass

AMC All Order Forms/Information - 所有的订购表格

Rules & Regulations
IAAPA Contract Terms - IAAPA 合同条款
Intellectual Property Policies - 知识产权与展会政策
Show Policies
Show Rules/Violations 规则与规定

Exhibitor Bulletins
Make sure you don't miss any of the latest exhibitor information and reminders!
Exhibitor Bulletins - As of 19 February 2019