IAAPA Attractions Expo Press Conference Tips

Once you’ve contacted IAAPA’s Press Office and scheduled a press conference, IAAPA wants to help you make it as successful as possible. Below are tips based on experience and lessons learned:

  • Invite the Media
    • Promote your press event to media in advance of Expo. Distribute a media advisory to the pre-registered media list. (Please note IAAPA promotes the entire schedule of Expo media events comprehensively and does not pitch individual press conferences to the media.)
  • Be Newsworthy
    • As you are planning your pitch, answer the question “Why should the media outlet and its audiences care?”
    • During your announcement, explain the impact of your news on your company, consumers, the economy, the attractions industry, or any other relevant party.
  • Hand out Media Resources
    • Give each reporter information and resources that will help them write the story. Helpful media resources can include a press release about your announcement, fact sheet about your company or product, high resolution images, and more. 
  • Be Concise
    • Have clear and concise news to announce. Deliver your remarks in 10-15 minutes and allow time for questions.
  • Be Visual
    • Incorporate a visual aid, such as a video of the product in action, a model of the product, poster, or PowerPoint to make the presentation more interesting and to better explain its significance. Consider allowing time in your event for a photo-op.
  • Make Eye Contact
    • When addressing media gathered around your booth, make sure to make eye contact with various members of the crowd to help keep them engaged.
  • Order a Sound System
    • Given the noise level of the trade show floor, it can be difficult to hear what is being said without a sound system. It doesn’t matter how great your news is, if the media can’t hear your information, they can’t cover it. Contact the IAAPA Press Office in advance of Expo if you need to rent sound equipment or reference the form and pricing information available in the Exhibitor Services Guide.
  • High Profile Speaker
    • Incorporate your company’s high-ranking officials to add cache to your event.
  • Leverage Social Media
    • Before, during, and after your press event, use social media to generate buzz and build excitement with your fans and followers. Join the conversation by using the Expo hashtags #IAE17 and #IAAPA.
    • Include your company Twitter handle when requesting a press conference to be included in IAAPA’s on-site Twitter campaign.
    • Share the video of your press conference via IAAPA’s YouTube channel, IAAPACentral.

  • Direct the Media to More Information
    • Let the media know where they can find more information about your company and product following your press conference. Direct them to your website or share your contact information to field possible follow-up questions.

​Sample Media Communications