Alert the IAAPA Press Office team to your latest and most exciting products and services. Email new product information, press releases, and images to If you plan to keep your product information confidential until it debuts at the Expo, we can work with you on its unveiling. All nonconfidential information will be made available to media and attendees in advance of and during IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Create News: schedule a press conference to take place at IAAPA Attractions Expo. DEADLINE SEPT. 1

  • Holding a press conference is the best way to personally connect with reporters and promote your news. We recommend the event be held at your booth on the trade show floor for maximum visibility.
  • IAAPA will make an official schedule of press conferences available to media and attendees in advance of and during Expo.
  • Please Note: IAAPA shares the schedule comprehensively and does not pitch individual press conferences to the media.

Submit your new product information for inclusion in IAAPA’s “What’s New on the Show Floor” webpage.

  • IAAPA’s “What’s New on the Show Floor” webpage at lists exhibitors displaying new products or services, their booth number, and a link to the exhibitor’s website by Sept. 1.
  • To participate:
    • Email your company name, booth number, website, a brief description (less than 50 words), and image of your product by Sept. 1.

      Be included in IAAPA’s press release previewing new products debuting at IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Submit a 30-second video pitch.

  • Create a 30-second video to pitch your company’s product or service.
  • To submit a 30-second video:
    • Upload the video to YouTube.
      • Video requirements:
      • Video must not exceed 30 seconds.
      • Video must mention your company name, booth number, and the official name of the event, IAAPA Attractions Expo.
      • Email the YouTube link to and include your company name, booth number, and contact information.
      • IAAPA will load your video to and share the page with media and attendees.
      • Consider including the Expo hashtags, #IAE17 and #IAAPA, and share a link to your video with your social media followers and fans.
      • Note: Videos do not need to be professionally made. A simple video from a handheld camera or mobile device will be accepted.
      • If you need help uploading your video to YouTube, call the IAAPA Press Office at +1 703/299-5127 and an IAAPA team member will help guide you through the process.

Submit your new product information for inclusion in IAAPA’s “What’s New on the Show Floor” webpage.

  • IAAPA will send a press release before the show floor opens to all registered media previewing the new products and services being introduced at Expo. Please find an example of the 2016 release here.
  • To participate:
    • Email the IAAPA Press Office at with your company name, website, booth number, and a brief description (less than 50 words) of your product by Sept. 1. If you are not ready to share your information due to product development or other uncertainty before Sept. 1, but you are interested in ways IAAPA can help you to promote your product, please contact the IAAPA Press Office to explore potential remaining opportunities.

Post your press releases to your IAAPA Attractions Expo Digital Booth Profile.

  • Exhibitors may upload up to two press releases to their IAAPA Attractions Expo digital booth profile.
  • Each press release will be available to the media In IAAPA’s Online Exhibitor Press Room.
  • To upload your press release:
    • Log In to your Digital Booth Profile. If you don't know your password, enter your company’s exhibitor contact email address to have it sent to you.
    • Once logged in, click “Manage Press Releases” and enter the headline and body text of your release in the appropriate dialog boxes, then submit.

Request the IAAPA Attractions Expo registered media list.

  • The IAAPA Press Office distributes the registered media list on Oct. 1 and again immediately prior to IAAPA Attractions Expo to exhibitors who request it.
  • Exhibitors may use the registered media list to distribute media advisories, press releases, and announcements about your company to media members who have agreed to share their contact information.
  • Tips for communicating with journalists:
    • Always begin your communication with your most important news.
    • Do not spam or harass members of the media with constant email.
    • Always include you/your company’s on-site contact information and let journalists know where to direct follow-up questions. Be prepared to answer questions about your product and company.
    • Follow or become a fan of the reporters and outlets most important to your business on social media.
  • To request the registered media list: