Expo Location
Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
North and South Buildings
9899 International Drive
Orlando, FL, US

2019 Dates
Conference: Nov. 18 - 22
Trade Show: Nov. 19 - 22

Space Allocation Meeting: April 11-12, 2019
Inflatable Pavilion Space Allocation: March 19-21, 2019
Deadline for Exhibit Contracts:
March 8, 2019

Details on the Meeting:
Space will be assigned by seniority, with the tie-breaker being date of contract received. Getting your contract in early is the best way to secure a great booth location and take advantage of the discounted booth rate ($1.50 per sq. ft.).  All submitted contracts need to include a 50% deposit plus membership and were due by March 8, 2019 in order to be included in the meeting (payment plans are available as well).

We will post the list of companies being assigned during Space Allocation Meeting in this site in March 2019.

Following the meeting live on Twitter! @IAAPAHQ

Please view the Booth Display Specifications to make sure your booth designs adhere to the proper guidelines.

Space Allocation Procedure

Seniority/Priority Points:

  • The Seniority and priority of a company is determined by the number of exhibiting years, followed by the number of consecutive years of membership, followed by receipt of contract date and receipt of deposit.  A lapse in membership for one year or more results in the loss of membership seniority.  Exhibiting years can be retained, provided that the company can adequately provide proof that the business is owned by the same entity.  Seniority / Priority points are considered an asset of a company and are transferable in the event of a purchase or acquisition.

  • The decision of the Space Allocation Committee, where the Good of the Tradeshow is concerned, is final.

  • Booths may be combined into bigger spaces at current rates, but committee must approve creation of island booths. A minimum of 400 square feet must be purchased in a 20’ x 20’ or 10’ x 40’ configuration to occupy a corner location.

  • Any inline booth that indicates going above the eight (8) foot height limit regardless of product will be placed along the perimeter of the tradeshow floor.
  • In order for a company to purchase booths on two sides (across) of a “main” aisle, exhibitors must purchase a minimum of eight (8) booths on each side of the aisle. The Space Allocation Committee determines which aisles are “main” aisles. 

  • Exhibitors may purchase a minimum of four (4) booths on two sides of aisles not considered to be main aisles as determined by the Space Allocation Committee.

  • Company’s, who purchase three (3) islands of 1,000 square feet apiece (3,000 square foot minimum), may carpet the aisle between these islands in their own company carpet.  They may not place product or display items in these aisles.  Exhibitors may not block through aisles; all aisles must remain open to attendee traffic at all times.

  • A more senior exhibitor can decide if he wants a competitor near their booth or not near their booth during seniority assignment during the Space Allocation Committee meeting. These requests will be honored whenever possible, but are not guarantees that competitors will not be placed next to or within close proximity due to space limitations on the tradeshow floor.  The Space Allocation Committee will determine what is considered “proximity” based on individual product categories.  The IAAPA Staff will make every effort to recognize competitor concerns / issues during the booth space assignment process following the Space Allocation Committee assignments, but does not guarantee that competitors will not be placed next to or within close proximity.

  • An exhibitor may not use his seniority to “bump” or force another company to move from a space selected during the seniority assignment process. The Space Allocation Committee reserves the right in all cases, for the Good of the Tradeshow, to deny additional booth move requests.

  • Two or more companies who want to be placed next to each other must both have previously submitted paperwork agreeing to this request.  Contracts and the full 50 percent down payments (or full payments after August 1) must have been received. If the seniority difference between two companies is different, then assignments will be made based on the seniority of the lowest rated company. Any request for additional companies to be next to or near must be clearly indicated on the contract of all parties in exhibitor grouping. The most senior exhibitor, must clearly indicate if the “next to or near” request is primary or secondary to the senior exhibitor’s requested location. Throughout the meeting, attempts to honor the exhibitor groupings will be made without denying space to more senior exhibitors if alternative space is not available or acceptable. In the event that acceptable space is not available, the senior exhibitor (and grouping) will be moved to the next best possible location, only if the “next to or near” request is the senior exhibitor’s highest priority. The Space Allocation Committee will rule on each request by considering the exhibitor’s requested location and next to or near indication.

  • Island or Split Island Booth’s with solid back walls eight (8) feet high or higher may not back up or front main aisles as determined by the committee, for the Good of the Tradeshow.


  • Island or Split Island Booths under 800 sq. ft. include a $1,000 Island/Split Island fee.


  • Inflatable Booths, Theaters and Tall or Oversized exhibits as determined by the Space Allocation Committee will be placed on exterior or perimeter walls or in designated areas approved by the Committee as to not adversely affect the exhibiting experience of the surrounding exhibitors.

  • Exhibits that create any emissions including, but not limited to Fog, Confetti and/or Noise, may be restricted in their booth location or operation for the Good of the Tradeshow.  All companies must adhere to all applicable IAAPA Rules and Regulations indicated on the exhibit contract and in the exhibitor services guide.
  • Products displayed must not impede line of sight of neighboring booths.

  • The only name an exhibitor may use for their booth space labeling is the IAAPA Membership Company of Record.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Space Allocation Meeting?

IAAPA Attractions Expo second assignment of booth space is completed during a "Space Allocation Committee Meeting" that will be held in April 11-12.  The assignment process is completed over two days by 12 individuals from all parts of the industry.

When is the deadline to submit your contract for assignment during the Meeting?

The deadline for exhibitors to receive assignment to the trade show floor during the Meeting was March  8, 2019. Contracts submitted by this date not only receive placement during the meeting, but a discount on booth pricing, savings of $1.50 per sq. ft.

Who is assigned during the meeting?

All exhibitors who have submitted their contract by March 8, 2019.  Note - The Top 150 exhibitors in Seniority are assigned to the trade show floor in January during Premium Space Allocation.

As an exhibitor do I need to attend the Meeting?

No, the committee members do the actual assignment of booths.

As an exhibitor I would like to attend the Meeting, am I allowed to?

No, the meeting is reserved for only committee members and IAAPA staff.

How do I ensure I get what booth location I want?

When completing the exhibit contract make sure you indicate what booth numbers or area of the trade show floor you would like to be placed.  The more information provided by the exhibitor the easier the job will be for the committee assigning booths.  Also, please feel free to contact the proper committee member who represents your industry during the meeting.

What if I do not like the booth the committee assigned me to?

As soon as you are assigned to the trade show floor you will receive a booth confirmation e-mail that will include a link to the floor plan, booth number, and booth move request form. Simply fill out the booth move request form or e-mail ExhibitSales@IAAPA.org with your new requested booth number. Please note--the meeting moves very quickly (more than 800 exhibitors assigned over two days) so a delayed response will compromise any requests made.