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Expo Location
Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
North and South Buildings
9899 International Drive
Orlando, FL, US

2018 Dates
Conference: Nov. 12 - 16
Trade Show: Nov. 13 - 16

2018 Trade Show Floor Hours
Tuesday, Nov. 13: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday, Nov. 14: 10am - 6pm
Thursday, Nov. 15: 10am - 6pm
Friday, Nov. 16: 10am - 4pm

Speaker Resource Center

Use the Speaker Resource Center to prepare for your conference speaking session. Update your speaker profile through the speaker portal, download the official IAAPA presentation template, promote your a presence at the expo, and get useful information on presenting at the IAAPA Attractions Expo.

Please visit the expo schedule-at-a-glance to view a full listing of events.


Pre-Conference At the Conference Post-Conference



Conference speakers receive complimentary registration to the Expo. This will give you access to the trade show floor as well as the educational seminar program. Once you have received your registration confirmation email you can access the expo registration site and purchase tickets for other expo events or programs. You can also update your registration profile.

IAAPA does not reimburse speaker travel or other expenses; we encourage you to reserve lodging as early as possible. Please visit our Hotel and Travel page for more details. 

Speaker Webinar

To prepare to be a speaker at #IAE18 please listen to the Speaker Webinar here or view the presentation here.


Promote your participation as a speaker by using the official event hashtag #IAE18. Below are a few sample tweets for your convenience.

Join me at #IAE18 – the global conference and trade show for the attractions industry. Register by Oct. 31 and save. http://bit.ly/IAESpeaker

“I’ll be taking Fun Forward at #IAE18! Will you?”  Register by Oct. 31 to save. #IAE18 http://bit.ly/IAESpeaker

I’m speaking at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018! #IAE18 http://bit.ly/IAESpeaker



Use of the official conference PowerPoint template. The template can be downloaded here. 

Uploading Presentations 
If you’re involved on a panel of speakers, please work with your session coordinator to combine presentations into one file. Please name files using the following naming convention: «Day»_«Room_Number»_«Session_Title». 

Bring a copy of the presentation on a USB to the session with you.

Here are some some helpful tips when preparing slides:

IAAPA complies with all copyright laws. All articles, cartoons, graphs, etc. must have copyright permission obtained before speakers present those materials. To access free distribution of otherwise copyrighted work, visit creativecommons.org

Welcome Slide:
The first slide of a presentation is often referred to as the opening slide/welcome slide. To present a good introduction, please list the following:

- Session title
- Speaker name(s), speaker title(s), and speaker company(ies)
- Date

- Avoid text heavy slides. Text-heavy slides are a distraction to the primary message.
- Avoid having more than one point per slide.
- Avoid having too many slides. Every slide should have a purpose - if a slide doesn't, cut it. 

For all presentations we recommended to use IAAPA font type Calibri Light. Please avoid licensed and unique fonts that are not compatible with the standard MS Office font package.

Graphics, charts and illustrations:
- Ensure the slides are image rich, and easy to understand. 
- Only use high-resolution pictures and graphics.
- Keep graphs visually clear, even if the content is complex.

Using Bullet Points and Animations
- Limit the number of bullet points in a screen to 6.
- Keep bullet points brief.
- Use slide animations and transitions sparingly.

The adult learning theory suggests that the best learning environments are the ones that are collaborative and utilize a problem-based approach. 



Speakers should check in at the Education Office in room S331A upon arrival. Here you can check-in and pick up your badge, confirm changes to your session, arrange to meet speakers, update your slides, or enjoy a quick refreshment.  

Education Office Hours:
Sunday Nov. 11: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday Nov.12 - Thursday Nov. 15: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday Nov. 16: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Generally, speakers should plan to arrive to session rooms at least 15 minutes before the presentation to ensure everything is ready and to set-up slides. If there is a session immediately before, access to the room may be unavailable until the previous session has ended. Check the conference program schedule to confirm. 


Complimentary Wi-Fi access is provided in all educational session rooms. Please note that, at times, internet access may lag due to high traffic volume. This may also affect your presentation if you have embedded video in your PowerPoint.

Instructions for Wi-Fi login:
1. Ensure wireless access for device is on.
2. Search for Wireless Networks and connect to the network: IAAPA WIFI by Thinkwell
3. Open your Internet browser and you will be connected.


- Smile :-)
- Use an interactive format, and involve the audience. Don’t wait until the end to engage them.
- Relax and have fun … the audience will feel it.
- Be energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate.
- Use appropriate humor or other ways to engage the audience.
- Know your topic so you don’t need to read it.
- Move around; don't limit or "trap" yourself behind a laptop or podium.
- Try to add stories, anecdotes, testimonials, or demonstrations that emphasize your point.
- Repeat questions asked by the audience so everyone can hear.
- Stay on track and within allotted time.
- Summarize your key points to wrap up your presentation.
- Provide tools and information the audience can implement.

- Read your presentation or read directly from slides.
- Use big words or acronyms that audience may not know.
- Look over your shoulder at the screen, or worse, stand and talk to the screen instead of to the audience.
- Use conversation fillers like "um,” "you know," and "like.”
- Speak too quickly.


Members of the press are known to frequent IAAPA Attractions Expo education sessions. Please keep the following things in mind while preparing, before, and during your presentation:

 - Press are asked to identify themselves from the stage as the session begins. Ambassadors are also instructed to look at the badges as they scan attendees and inform the speakers of any press in the room.

- If IAAPA staff learns of interest by a reporter to cover a session we will communicate that to the speakers.

- However, always assume press will be in every education session and be careful not to say anything that should appear in a newspaper. In the days of social media citizen journalists are everywhere. Attendees may tweet any comment which could be circulated or pick up by a media outlet.

- If you prefer the session be closed to the press that should be communicated to IAAPA staff as soon as possible so she can then communicate that back to the media press and ensure all on-site staff and ambassadors are aware of the sessions closed to media.



IAAPA would like to ensure that conference attendees receive the latest and greatest version of your presentation. If you made changes to the presentation after it was sent to IAAPA, send the updated version to Michael Shelton.


Participation as a speaker earns you credit hours towards an IAAPA certification. Speakers earn 5 credit hours per session presentation along with 19 credit hours by attending sessions on the education conference program.

IAAPA's certification program helps set your career apart from others in the industry. Let your years of experience and professional development training work for you by earning one of IAAPA’s three professional designations:

IAAPA Certified Attractions Manager (ICAM)
IAAPA Certified Attractions Leader (ICAL)
IAAPA Certified Attractions Executive (ICAE)

Visit the IAAPA Certification page for more information.



The Call for Presentations for the 2019 IAAPA Attractions Expo will open during the 2018 expo. An email announcing the application will be sent post-expo.  Speakers may also reach out to Michael Shelton for more information.