Expo Location
Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)
North and South Buildings
9899 International Drive
Orlando, FL, US

2019 Dates
Conference: Nov. 18 - 22
Trade Show: Nov. 19 - 22

2014 Conference Program Presentation Materials

Handouts for education sessions at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014 will be available for this page beginning Monday Nov. 17, 2014.

Handouts will be available in a PDF format only.

New handouts will be added daily for each seminar scheduled for that day where provided by the speaker

Once posted handouts will be available for a minimum of 30 days before being moved to the IAAPA Education Event Archives (IAAPA member login required.)

2014 Expo Conference Program 
Your next big expo conference program starts here shortly. 
Details on the 2014 IAAPA Attractions Expo education conference program will be available in late spring.

 2014 Expo Conference Program 
Your next big expo conference program starts here shortly. 
Details on the 2014 IAAPA Attractions Expo education conference program will be available in late spring.

 2014 Expo Conference Program 
Your next big expo conference program starts here shortly. 
Details on the 2014 IAAPA Attractions Expo education conference program will be available in late spring.

  1. Zoo & Aquarium Day
  2. Breaking the Glass Case: How Museum and Science Centers are exploiting new technologies to stay relevant 
  3. Facility Security Series:Your Personal Safety – It’s a Personal Thing! 1
  4. Facility Security Series:Your Personal Safety – It’s a Personal Thing! 2
  5. It All Starts with the Menu: Wet N Wild 
  6. Little Things Make a BIG DIFFERENCE When It Comes to Training
  7. Understanding the Employee Life-cycle – Your Year-Round Guide to Retention and Motivation
  8. Developing Your Front Line Team to be a Part of the Sales Solution
  9. F&B 201 - Beyond the Basics
  10. Facility Security Series: Emergency Preparedness
  11. Interactive IT/Trends Panel
  12. Make Your Guests Happy Kenny Person 
  13. Recovering a Declining Water Park
  14. Social is More than Facebook - How to Build an FEC Inbound Marketing Machine
  15. "Keynote: Lunch and Learn with John Arie President Fun Spot 
  16. The State of Social Media Marketing in 2014
  17. 2014 Food & Beverage Trends
  18. Big Employee Rewards Start Here: All Presenters
  19. Delivering on Guest Expectations
  20. From Souvenir Sales to Supervisor - How To Train and Develop Leaders
  21. Managing Emotionally Charged Situations
  22. Maximize Revenue in a New Sales Culture
  23. Retail Tech Trends to Reach your Consumers
  24. Social Media: Show Me the Money
  25. Show Me the Money Handout
  26. Social Media Breakout Sessions with Facebook 
  27. Social Media Breakout Sessions Twitter 
  28. Eliminating Shades of Gray: The Black and White of Leadership
  29. Emerging Trends in Immersive Design: 2014 in Review 
  30. F&B Essentials – Better results with simple actions
  31. Games & Merchandising Round-table
  32. New Technology Showcase NOT AVAILABLE
  33. Waterpark State of the Industry Address
  34. Winning Promotions
  35. Winning Promotions:Julie Dion
  36. 2014 TOP TRENDS: Games & Merchandising Showcase
  37. FEC Rewind
  38. Guest Experiences and its Impact on Revenue
  39. Sink or Swim: Leading the Frontline
  40. Water Park Meet & Greet
  41. Why is Mobile a Crucial Piece of Your Marketing Puzzle? 
  42. You Are Here: Navigating Advances in Location-Based Technology 
  43. Your Guests with Disabilities - Are You Exceeding Their Expectations

  1. Constituency Lunch for FECs: Tuesday Group Sales
  2. Latin American Conference and Lunch
  3. Water Park Operators Luncheon NO HANDOUT
  4. "This ISN'T where I got on."- Strategies for safe & successful ride evacuations.
  5. Advanced Employee Behavior Auditing
  6. CEO Speaks NO HANDOUT
  7. In-Facility Marketing to Drive Sales
  8. Marketing Planning 201: Planning your media mix in a new media world 
  9. The Redemption Round-table
  10. Corporate Social Engagement – Using Environmental Initiatives as Smart, Good & Responsible Business Practices
  11. Enhancing Revenue Through Entertainment: Driving Employee Engagement
  12. Follow the Money: How to Improve Cash Control Procedures
  13. Marketing Round-table NO HANDOUT
  14. St Louis Zoo Food & Beverage Case Study
  15. The Three Amigos Ride in Orlando! 
  16. Young Professionals Round-table NO HANDOUT

  1. General Managers and Owners Breakfast NO HANDOUT
  2. Facility Security Series: Emergency Planning for Today's Attractions
  3. Make Publicity Sizzle: Tell Your Story – Credibly, Measurably and Creatively NO HANDOUT
  4. Maximizing Your Food and Beverage Return
  5. What turns an accident into a lawsuit Drew Tewksbury
  6. Facility Security Series: Leadership in Times of Crisis
  7. Promotions In Motion - How to keep your promotions relevant for today’s market!
  8. Amusement Park and Attractions Lunch 
  9. Constituency Lunch for FECs: Wednesday Birthday Parties
  10. Operators' Round-table Lunch NO HANDOUT
  11. Your Sales Plan Needs To Be Sacked
  12. Legends Session NO HANDOUT

  1. Asian Breakfast NO HANDOUT
  2. BIG Challenges - Managing For Service Excellence
  3. Canadian Breakfast: Greg Hale
  4. Canadian Breakfast: Cindy Cypher
  5. Constituency Lunch for FECs: Thursday Hot Topics and Trends NO HANDOUT
  6. Entertainment Round- table NO HANDOUT
  7. Entertainment Design Workshop  
  8. Everything is a Matter of Culture
  9. Facility Security Series: Recognizing Suspicious Indicators
  10. Facility Security Series: Behavior Detection & Assessment: Case Study Mall of America
  11. Growing Your Revenue with Adults - A New Approach to FECs
  12. How and Why to Form an Association (Advocacy 201)
  13. Intellectual Property Issues in the Show Development Process
  14. Laser Tag Symposium: We Take Requests! 
  15. Laser Tag Symposium: The Great Debate 
  16. Laser Tag Operators' Networking Event 
  17. Listening to Customer Feedback in Real-Time
  18. May The Force Be In You: Techniques to Lead Change
  19. News travels FAST! - Best Practices in Incident and Issues Management
  20. One Team – Your Employees as Ambassadors
  21. Pre-opening Inspections: Turning Requirement into Benefit 
  22. Pre-opening Inspections: Turning Requirement into Benefit (2)
  23. Safety by Design - Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade
  24. Smart Marketing: Using Online Analytics to Understand Your Guests
  25. TEA Presents Future Legends "Transforming Experience"
  26. The Rocky Mountain Coaster Story: Fast Track to Success
  27. Wait, Wait … You Forgot to Sell Me
  28. Why and how to cultivate relationships with government officials (Advocacy 101)
  29. Young Professionals Panel Discussion